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  1. My bad, this is garbage collected actually, you just have to wait enough time to see it happen.
  2. I encountered a memory leak too, but from TweenLite itself. It's pretty simple to reproduce : Include TweenLite.js, record the timeline using Chrome and watch the memory heap grow. The scary part is that it leaks even when doing nothing. Just including Tweenlite is enough. I could nail the origin to the _checkTimeout function : //some browsers (like iOS) occasionally drop the requestAnimationFrame event when the user switches to a different tab and then comes back again, so we use a 2-second setTimeout() to sense if/when that condition occurs and then wake() the ticker. var _checkTimeout = function() { if (_tickerActive && _getTime() - _lastUpdate > 2000) { _ticker.wake(); } setTimeout(_checkTimeout, 2000); }; _checkTimeout();