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  1. Yeah thanks. It's more about experimenting right now.
  2. Diaco.AW: any chance to spin fan in perspective using only group, not the whole svg? http://codepen.io/iroller/pen/jPPRbM - it's rotating, but can't make it using the perspective
  3. Wonderful. Thanks Carl and Diaco.AW
  4. Hi, Could someone help me to make the fan rotating in perspective? I can make rotation, I can make perspective, but I can't make it rotate in perspective. I thought preserve-3d would help, but looks like I'm missing something. This one is closer: http://codepen.io/iroller/pen/qddLjL but still not what I need
  5. Thanks for suggestions. I'll dig into scripts on my page and try to simplify the SVG.
  6. Hello-hello. Thanks, added! Switched to TweenMax per your suggestion - still not 100% smooth, but better
  7. I have relatively big SVG that I'm animating with TweenLite - drawSVG. The problem is I can't make it going smoothly - it always being slow and intermittent first 1-2 seconds and proceeding fine on 3-4th second. I've tried adding delays to make it wait until the whole page is loaded, but it doesn't give much difference. Also tried renaming 50% of .style0 classes in SVG into another class and making it non-animated and visible from the beginning - not much difference as well, first 2 second of loading are still laggy. I'm looking for a way to make it smoother without editing SVG itself. I'm using the following code to animate it: jQuery(document).ready(function($){ TweenLite.set(".style0", {visibility:"visible"}); var tl = new TimelineLite(); tl.fromTo(".style0", 4, {drawSVG:0}, {drawSVG:"102%"}, "-=1"); TweenLite.render(); });