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  1. Thanks @OSUblake. I will investigate and provide feedback. ?
  2. Hi Everyone, The CodePen associated with this was forked from @OSUblake. I was successful in adding viewport responsiveness and circular button expansion but am failing in reversing to a circular button collapse. I believe I set the circular canvas diameter and arc correctly but when clicking the close icon on the menu button there is no canvas animation. I would appreciate some assistance and sincerely thank you in advance.
  3. Thanks OSUblake for the background and links. I am investigating and plan on moving forward with a very rough prototype. I will periodically post my findings and requests for assistance as needed.
  4. Thanks Jack! I was able to search and discover prior threads by OSUblake that discuss draggable grid tiles. Excellent conversation and CodePens (http://codepen.io/osublake/pen/RNLdpz). However, this solution only supports tiles of the same height with varying width (mentioned in code comment). My prototype use case needs to support "active" tiles that are 2X larger than "inactive" tiles, allowing the "inactive" tiles to shuffle and stack up to 2 tiles high adjacent to an "active" tile. Still reviewing the code. Nevertheless, if this is something discussed in the forums or common knowledge, please point me in the appropriate direction.
  5. First off, let me say that I love working with GSAP. It is intuitive, has excellent documentation and has allowed me to be productive from day #1. I hope to be joining you in Brooklyn, NY for training. On to my question... Is there an equivalent Greensock implementation or plugin that has similar behaviors to Metafizzy's Isotope.js (Masonry layout). Specifically, I have implemented a series of card and card promotion animations in isolation. I am now at the point of merging these into a single prototype. I am working behind a colleague who put together a separate prototype using Isotope that supports card shuffling even with cards "growing" to different states. I am unifying both internal efforts. Before I engage on GSAPifying Isotope, I would like to know if there is an existing or similar implementation that I can leverage. Thanks in advance for your time! Chris