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  1. Has there been an update to which greensock can respond to scroll positions ?
  2. Lynx

    Save points to SVG ?

    The points are saved within the SVG file but you must extract them without destroying the SVG graphic which is not only pain staking but a hit or miss; not ideal route to go down. A script would be helpful, thanks for the input everyone
  3. Lynx

    Save points to SVG ?

    I tried all of the resources you linked too, why I asked here; I'll try another forum.
  4. Lynx

    Save points to SVG ?

    Anyone know how to save points as SVG from Illustrator ?
  5. The use tag is non-existent ? It is exactly what I want to do to keep mark-up cleaner, what solution is there for IE 7+ ?
  6. Lynx

    Swinging Rope ?

    That is is exactly what I'm after. My goal was to export numerous SVG files and with GSAP morph rotate and morph, this is more effective.
  7. blake are you referring to this; <div> <svg> <use xlink:href="left-hands.svg#left-hand"></use> </svg> </div> Where as the SVG is loaded externally ? Then again, if this is what you are referring too, can you read a class or id via xlink ?
  8. Lynx

    Swinging Rope ?

    Ah yes, trig, been dealing alot with that lately. I may have figured a solution, in the mean time this example, the rope is not dynamic on it's own; in other words it doesn't swing without manual interaction ?
  9. Lynx

    Swinging Rope ?

    This continue not to work ? Updated
  10. Lynx

    Swinging Rope ?

    I switched to CodePen, don't understand why this isn't working ?
  11. Lynx

    Swinging Rope ?

    Before I go back to how to make a swinging rope, I've been digging though the documentation, for TweenMax and CSSPlugins and I can't find anywhere that states that elements can only be ID, not classes ?
  12. Lynx

    Swinging Rope ?

    I thought class work ?
  13. Some of these examples appear as though the SVG code is embedded within the page, rather then the SVG file being external, not the cleanest route if you have multiple SVG files and want to keep mark-up to a minimum ?
  14. Lynx

    Swinging Rope ?

    How about a particle represents a non-existent segment in the SVG file lined up vertically in my example, then you animate the points ?