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  1. Hi Carl, first off, Merry Christmas to all. I made some test cases to try and reproduce this in a simple example, and at first I wasn't able to, which was making me believe it had something to do with my code, and than I opened the developer tools on safari and started recording to see the FPS, it just started breaking the scrollTo animations. This makes me believe that it's really an FPS issue. On my main page it happens without opening the dev tools and recording, but there are a lot of animations going on, which at some points may bring down FPS. Here is the test url: http://massivedev.itsmassive.com/GSAPTests/ Unfortunatly I can't post here the real page i'm developing because of corporate secrecy. Thank you for your understanding and time. Rui
  2. Hi again and thank you for the reply, and you are right about your suggestion. By the way, I was trying to remember where I came accross the double triggering issue, it was on Firefox. You can cheeck it here: http://jsfiddle.net/eb7qLquL/14/ Open firefox console and you should be faced with two logs from the same callback. It probably doesn't break your code but you can end up with performance issues if you're relying heavily on this callback.
  3. The issue with this is that, you then should work around the user scrolling to stop that animation, in order to prevent unwanted jittering. Also I believe that : $('html, body').animate({ scrollTop:0}); double triggers in some cases. Correct me if i'm wrong. But for the time being it might be a solution, anyway I would like to try and get the plugin to work with latest safari correctly.
  4. Hi, i just bumped into this "issue". No problems on safari 6-, but after that it's just madness. I've tried disabling autoKill, but it just gets worse. It's like there's an extra scroll input mid animation which triggers the autoKill. I just can't get my head around from where is this being triggered. The only thing I can say it's that before stoping the previous y value stored is way bigger than the current y value, so the yDif its going to be much larger than the 7px threshold. Again this is only true for safari 6+. It could be frame related. Thanks for any help or light shed on this matter, Rui