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  1. I have a game that subloads a SWF, plays for a while, then pops off that SWF and loads up another, repeating this behavior. We have been trying to track down a memory leak with this process which is preventing the subloaded SWF from being garbage collected. I discovered your site and tried implementing LoaderMax thinking it may be the savior to my memory leak problems, but after implementing it, it would seem the subloaded SWF is still not being cleaned up (even with calling the unload method on your LoaderMax object). Was I wrong in assuming LoaderMax could somehow clean up a subloaded SWF even if there may be lingering references to the stage, or some type of cyclic reference that is preventing the garbage collector from cleaning up the SWF? What should I be on the lookout for so that I can get the subloaded SWF's memory freed up?