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  1. Thanks for the reply Jack. Yes, that does make sense, but I'd still think that these tweens would get played when setting timeline.progress(1). Here's the exact order of events: I create a long-living timeline that will have new animations added on to it many times throughout the life of the page. At some point, an event is fired that causes my code to add an animation to this master timeline. But, some parameter of this event tells my code that it should immediately set timeline.progress(1) after adding this animation to the timeline, so it does that. If autoRemoveChidren is true, none of those tweens that I just added get played. It's as if they're being prematurely GC'd. I would still expect them to complete in this scenario. I was able to easily refactor this particular graphic to not need autoRemoveChildren, just want to give a heads up in case this indicates a possible bug. Thanks! Alex
  2. Oh hm, I just set autoRemoveChidren to false on this timeline and the problem no longer occurs. Is the behavior I'm seeing intended, or is this a bug in autoRemoveChildren?
  3. Hi there, I have a fairly complex entrance anim for a graphic that I'm working on. Sometimes, this graphic needs to immediately seek to the end (via tl.progress(1)) so that the person using it can quickly see what the final product looks like. However, it seems that some of the tweens in this timeline aren't playing when I call tl.progress(1). If I add onStart or onComplete callbacks to these tweens, they never get called. If I let the anim play at a normal speed without manually advancing its progress, the playback is as expected and all tweens play. If it helps, this same issue also starts to arise when I use tl.timeScale(10). At this speed, it starts intermittently skipping tweens. I unfortunately cannot share a codepen, as this particular project is private. I feel bad asking for help on a forum on a private project like this, but I've been unable to successfully troubleshoot this issue myself. Thanks, Alex
  4. Script updated, should be good to go: https://github.com/SupportClass/ae-ease-to-gsap-customease BTW, I welcome feedback, feature requests, and pull requests! I think this script could become a really powerful tool for improving the workflows of people converting After Effects projects to GSAP animations.
  5. Huh, yeah. That seems totally fix it. I'll patch my script tomorrow to account for this. Thanks!
  6. Hi there, I have the following SVG path data that I wish to use as a CustomEase. However, I think that CustomEase might not be properly normalizing this path: M16,350C17.6667,361.8333,18.2157,421,26,421 When pasted into the Ease Visualizer, this is the result: This SVG path data was generated by my new ae-ease-to-gsap-customease script, so it's possible that my script just hasn't generated the correct SVG path data. However, it certainly looks correct, which is why I'm currently suspecting that this might be an issue in CustomEase. Thanks for your time, Alex EDIT: For additional context, here's what this curve looks like in AfterEffects: