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  1. Seems MorphSVGPlugin, ScrambleTextPlugin, DrawSVGPlugin etc. can't work on Animate CC?
  2. Diaco, thx for your prompt response, that one looks promising, will check it out
  3. hi, maybe a bit off topic but seems edge animate is not quite frequently discussed in GSAP forum, I think it may be good to ask in this post. Edge animate is no longer being actively developed since Nov2015, which means it's gonna die sooner or later... so, is there any other good alternative to Edge Animate? Of course I love the versatility of GSAP on managing the speed and time of animation. As a graphic designer, I'd really like to layout the animation's elements by simple drag and drop, unlike that we have to code everything like in DreamWeaver.
  4. Thanks Carl, now everything works like a charm. And big thanks to GSAP that makes animating with code comprehensible... those var/ function stuff looks like alien language to many graphic designers
  5. Hi Carl, thanks for your quick reply! But I still got the below error: TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. I guess there's still some programming errors in the code? Thanks again for helping a beginner like me. eCard-simplified-v2.zip
  6. Hi Carl, fla attached, thank a lot for your help!
  7. Hello, I have a problem replaying my simple animation, when I clicked the "Replay" button, a looping (repeat=-1) timelineMax which nested in my main timelineMax cannot be killed, and hence continue playing... my code simplified as below: Thanks!!