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  1. mstrhans's post in A first in GSAP, jerky, stuttering playback in GSAP? was marked as the answer   
    Hello Carl,
    As always it wasn't an issue with GSAP at all,
    Because you can paste between Adobe Illustrator CC  and Adobe Animate CC so easily. You are ..lets say too easy. When you paste a complex gradient (And you can create, really very very complex gradients in Adobe Illustrator) these get - during pasting into Adobe Animate - converted to SVG.
    But as every old school postscript guy knows these files or SVG have thousands, maybe millions of control points. That was a little too much....It got even the ventilator spinning of my Macbook
    Maybe that works in print, but for online in a banner ...i just ditched the gradients made it one solid color (No one will notice) and voila...every thing running smooth.
    Regards Hans