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  1. Maybe the hash is wrong? Try using links on this page, they seem correct https://support.google.com/richmedia/answer/6307288?hl=en
  2. Hello Oliver15, it was a pasted vector graphic from Adobe Illustrator not from Photoshop. I didn't look into converting it to a bitmap (with caching) though a very good idea to try indeed. In my case the gradient was scaled down to maybe 1mm (20x20 pixels max) the details of the gradient got lost anyway so i changed to a solid color. But just to learn im going to try that..ill let you know about the performance...
  3. Oliver15Years, Thank you but you have a probably a very fast PC so you won't even notice it any way But try the banner i had on my wife her iPad 2. Oh boy..such slooow animations. Thank the lord we have GSAP because when i simplified the document it ran very smooth even on that old iPad.
  4. Hello Carl, As always it wasn't an issue with GSAP at all, Because you can paste between Adobe Illustrator CC and Adobe Animate CC so easily. You are ..lets say too easy. When you paste a complex gradient (And you can create, really very very complex gradients in Adobe Illustrator) these get - during pasting into Adobe Animate - converted to SVG. But as every old school postscript guy knows these files or SVG have thousands, maybe millions of control points. That was a little too much....It got even the ventilator spinning of my Macbook Maybe that works in print, but for online in a banner ...i just ditched the gradients made it one solid color (No one will notice) and voila...every thing running smooth. Regards Hans
  5. Hi Carl, thank you.. Indeed it sprung to mind with me as well, i can remove it and try but that shouldn't affect the little line of text above it. I noticed the JS file is quit large 132Kb, might that be too large? Im a bit clueless here..
  6. This is a first for me since i have been using GreenSock for many years and it never failed me since. I discovered its quite easy to even create banners using Adobe Animate CC 2017.. However now in that new workflow/method i noticed a asimple animation not running smooth but jerky or stuttering. The animation should go smooth from left to right in an even manner... but it doesn't..., the customer noticed it ..In fact he made the remark i didn't see it at first while developing. Its like the animation "jumps" bridging larger gaps to reach the end of the animation. I have a link here: http://dru.sterkburo.info/demo/demo1.php. It does this in every browser (FF, Safari and Chrome) on mac. But most noticeable in Chrome. Any one any ideas?; 1. I read some one having trouble in safari and using transform: translate3d(0,0,0); that ran smoother/faster. But that isn't it safari only? 2. I can raise the frame rate in Adobe Animate CC 2017 and this does make - while developing - animations run smoother but online they are jerky and stuttering again Looking forward to any help or suggestions Regards
  7. LOL LOL coding by hand is easier, i get now a canvas file that is 120KB in size
  8. Has anyone noticed in the Google approved CDN for Adwords and DoubleClick they added CreateJS!!??. https://support.google.com/richmedia/answer/6307288?hl=en What that means you can use (as the tutorials here show) that you can use Flash or Adobe Animate 2015 Again to make Adwords banners, yes! I have successfully managed to get Adobe Animate, with CreateJS and TweenMax to make Adwords banners en then successfully uploading them using the external libraries form the CDN. This means my js file needed for the banner is only in total when minified en compressed only 8KB!!!! that gives me a headroom of 150KB - 8KB for images. Which now in Animate CC i don't use as often because it is only needed for true bitmaps, typefaces, text and vectors like logo's are converted to canvas. Ofcourse you work in Adobe Animatie in Canvas HTML, but you can mix plain HTML by setting a div on top of the canvas generated by Animate CC 2015 and then move from there. Animate converts all vector library elements to canvas elements. So when you import a logo from illustrator its not converted to an image. When you use fonts you can easily edit them when the client wants changes. Yes another new way of making ads for Google Adwords, thanks again GreenSock!!
  9. Just to give an update on my specific Google Adwords Display network tries in finding a nice and easy production tool 1. Google Web Designer uses its own JS: several JS files but in total together when zipped barely 18Kb, the lowest and winner 2. Adobe Edge includes its own JS: edge.6.0.0.min.zip is 34 KB 3. Adobe Animate CC 2015 uses CreateJS: createjs-2015.11.26.min.zip is 49KB All three of the above are able to work together with the CDN version of GreenSock GSAP. GWD gives the most headroom for the includes of your graphics. I used it successfully and quite easy. There is support for actions and loops, labels in timeline with added bonus to have TappAreas that are supported by Adwords Display Network. As always my remark only amount to Google Adwords and not more advances networks as DoubleClick etc. I did not get that 15KB that Web Dizajner could achieve.
  10. Im following this thread with great interest. So many options, but i really need the most basic one and that is support for the cheapest option namely the Adwords Display Network. So no DoubleClick or other more advanced tools with more CDN options Im trying to use the new Adobe Animate CC 2015 as my main production tool, for it allows me to easily convert to canvas, and as an old school flash user its just feels at ease especially with Going Greensock of course. From this page i found them; https://support.google.com/richmedia/answer/6307288?hl=en Im trying to use two following CDN sources; 1. https://s0.2mdn.net/ads/studio/cached_libs/createjs_2015.11.26_54e1c3722102182bb133912ad4442e19_min.js 2. https://s0.2mdn.net/ads/studio/cached_libs/tweenlite_1.18.0_56fa823cfbbef1c2f4d4346f0f0e6c3c_min.js Such a pity 1. does NOT work, so no use of Animate CC 2015 as a tool. I can include easeJS.js, however its library alone is 191Kb too much for the 150kB Adwords limit. However now the good news, the Greensock CDN IS supported, i have an animation running!!! Hope this helps others who build specifically for the Google Adwords Display Network. If anyone else did get it working to include the easeJS.js library from a CDN i would love to hear. Hope any one can make a successful CDN link to easeJS.js in Google Adwords Display Network (Not double-click or other advanced tools) Regards Hans
  11. To add in choices, I've managed to get GSAP working in GWD. So there is a huge choice in development tools. I don't know if GWD is a better tool to get HTML5 add easier into DoubleClick and Adwords..
  12. I found the solution so GSAP works from within Google Web Designer. Just link the animation to an event like this: Page > Pageload event. Then the animation will work when Published. I know it was more a Google Webdesigner thing then GSAP. Yet another application of a great solution!
  13. Jack thank for your support i did assign them, but my guess some script from google is catching firts all div's before they are rendered window.onload = function() { var bg = document.getElementById("gwd-image_1"); var logo = document.getElementById("gwd-image_2"); var beeld = document.getElementById("gwd-image_3"); var btn = document.getElementById("gwd-image_4"); var goed = document.getElementById("goed"); var accessoires = document.getElementById("accessoires"); var tekstblok = document.getElementById("tekstblok"); TweenLite.from(bg, .5, { opacity: 0 });
  14. Hello All I'm making an html Ad with Google Web Designer using GSAP. When I run my Preview within Google Web Designer everything loads fine. Im using the window.onload = function() to start the tweens. But when I publish and create the files ready for placing in the Ad Networks it just displays in the last instant without any animation. As if there is somewhere an init or polite-load waiting for the file to load en then jumps to the last frame. I'm not an expert on JavaScript. I wonder where to activate the tweens within Google Webdesigner Code? Demo and full code; http://demo.hanspeeters.net/gsap/ Would be great if anyone could help, for im lost how to mix the use of GSAP en Google Web Designer. Thank you all for your help in advance
  15. Hello Lujan, Im having the same trouble here. But it is not related to a syntax error. It just loads only when all elements are finished loading. Did you find the solution? Regards Hans