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  1. Thanks for all your feedback. So is it fair to say that there is some consensus that the latest version of FF seems to have a performance issue when using the GSAP library? Does Greensock keep historical performance data vs browser versions? Thanks again, Peter
  2. I'm new to gsap. Starting to get into the code. The library looks great. When testing my animations, I noticed they looked a little different under firefox. Was using Elastic.easeOut and it was noticeably bouncier at the end under firefox. Was wondering if it's performance related. I found this greensock speed test page: https://greensock.com/js/speed.html. I selected the GSAP library. My results were as follows: Chrome (40.0.2214.111 m): ~90+fps - excellent IE (11.0.9600.17501): ~55-60fps - also extremely good FF (35.0.1): ~20-22fps - not so great My system is Win 7. I tried multiple times and the results were consistent. I have no idea if it's related to the perceivable differences in the elastic easing but the results for FF were surprisingly poor when compared to the two other browsers. I have pretty much the default settings for FF including hardware acceleration turned on. For kicks, I tried the same site on my Android phone: ~28-32fps - better than desktop FF. Do you see similar results with the latest version of FF? Is this a known issue with FF? Thanks, Peter
  3. This is helpful. I'll play around with the code you provided. Thanks very much.
  4. Has anyone tried to use the gsap jquery plugin with HighCharts. HighCharts animates as it displays the chart. The gsap plugin seems to break this animation. I created a quick jsFiddle from the stock HighCharts jsfiddle to demonstrate: http://jsfiddle.net/ptrenery/43n82tbn/2/ Is it not possible to use these two libraries together? Thanks, Peter