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  1. Hello guys , My application is working fine when deployed to Android and the Flash Player Debugger, however LoaderMax isn't finding my assets when deploying to iOS. I am using flashdevelop and my assets are placed in my bin folder and are referenced as follows: _loader.append( new ImageLoader("images/background_clouds.jpg", { name:"background", estimatedBytes:77000, alpha:1, width:Global.stageWidth, height:Global.stageHeight, scaleMode:"stretch" } ) ); _loader.append( new ImageLoader("images/background_settings.jpg", { name:"background_settings", estimatedBytes:77000, alpha:1, width:Global.stageWidth, height:Global.stageHeight, scaleMode:"stretch" } ) ); _loader.append( new ImageLoader("images/btn_arrow_right.png", { name:"right_arrow", alpha:1} ) ); _loader.append( new ImageLoader("images/btn_settings.png", { name:"settings", alpha:1} ) ); _loader.append( new ImageLoader("images/btn_arrow_left.png", { name:"left_arrow", alpha:1} ) ); _loader.append( new ImageLoader("images/btn_cross_norm.png", { name:"close", alpha:1} ) ); _loader.append( new ImageLoader("images/btn_cross_down.png", { name:"close_down", alpha:1} ) ); _loader.append( new ImageLoader("images/btn_upgrade_norm.png", { name:"upgradeUp", alpha:1} ) ); _loader.append( new ImageLoader("images/btn_upgrade_down.png", { name:"upgradeDown", alpha:1} ) ); _loader.append( new ImageLoader("images/btn_subscribe_norm.png", { name:"subscribeUp", alpha:1} ) ); _loader.append( new ImageLoader("images/btn_subscribe_down.png", { name:"subscribeDown", alpha:1} ) ); _loader.load(); Do I need to do something different when deploying to iOS? Thanks in advance, Ash.
  2. Also tried: <as3> buttonContent = LoaderMax.getContent("button"); buttonUpImage = buttonContent.rawContent; buttonUpImage.width = 200; buttonUpImage.scaleY = buttonUpImage.scaleX; buttonUpImage.x = buttonUpImage.width * 0.5; buttonUpImage.y = buttonUpImage.height * 0.5; buttonDownImage = buttonContent.rawContent; buttonDownImage.width = 150; buttonDownImage.scaleY = buttonDownImage.scaleX; buttonDownImage.x = buttonUpImage.width * 0.5; buttonDownImage.y = buttonUpImage.height * 0.5; </as3> This still changes both.
  3. Thanks for the help Carl, Although I did overcome this issue, I've come up against an issue with LoaderMax.getContent(). If I want two variables to use the same image I have loaded, how do I change the variable without affected the actual loaded content e.g: <as3> buttonUpImage = LoaderMax.getContent("button"); buttonUpImage.centerRegistration = true; buttonUpImage.width = 200; buttonUpImage.scaleY = buttonUpImage.scaleX; buttonDownImage = LoaderMax.getContent("button"); buttonDownImage.centerRegistration = true; buttonDownImage.width = 150; buttonDownImage.scaleY = buttonDownImage.scaleX; button = new SimpleButton(buttonUpImage, buttonUpImage, buttonDownImage, buttonUpImage); this.addChild(button); </as3> Using the above code causes sets the width of both images to 150.
  4. Just realised that I can just say LoaderMax.getContent from within any child of the parent sprite that my assets are loaded inside. Thanks anyway .
  5. Hello guys, This is my first time using LoaderMax to load assets as I usually use the Starling asset manager however I am working on a standard flash application now and have had good experiences with TweenMax and TweenLite so thank you for providing these awesome tools! I am trying to load multiple images (pngs + jpegs) using the ImageLoader. It is working fine but I am looking for a way to be able to not add the images to the screen as soon as they are loaded and make them accessible to child sprites that I can't specify in the container parameter (These sprites are different screens which are created and destroyed as needed and do not exist at the time of loading). So basically, what is the best way to make these images accessible throught my application and not just in the class they are loaded in (this class is still a parent of all the sprites I will need to use these images in). Regards, Ash.