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  1. Hi Carl,


    Thanks a lot for your reaction. What I want to try, is to embed the Widget timeline in the Base timeline.  After in insert the Widget timeline in the Base timeline, the Widget timeline doesn't loop anymore. 


    You can slash out line #41 to see what the supposed behaviour should be.


    Thank you for helping me out!


    Grtz Dennis

  2. Dear GreenSock Hero's


    What I want to do is insert the "widget" timeline into the Base timeline. It doesn't work :S. The temporary loop animation stops instead of looping until the stop button is triggered.


    The case is that i want to mark the stop event. So i can scrub back in time and (re)play the exact animation.


    Is this possible?


    Thanks a lot!


    Grtz Dennis

    See the Pen Pwqvgz by anon (@anon) on CodePen