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  1. Hi Jack, thanks (!!), works like a charm now. I tested TweenMax. Seems like TweenLite has some issues with the animation, but maybe my bug. Again thanks and regards Tom
  2. Hi Diaco, thanks for your answer, but svgDoc.querySelector("rectangle") is null. The selection var element = document.getElementById("obj").contentDocument.getElementById('rectangle'); is valid in all browsers, e.g. IE11 changes the fill color element.setAttribute("fill", "red"); //ok in IE11 but TweenMax doesn't recognize the element. Thanks Tom
  3. Hi! I'm just starting with the JavaScript Version GSAP - awesome! My question/problem: Animation doesn't start in IE11 and Android <=4.3 SVG is embedded as object <object id="obj" type="image/svg+xml" height="20%" width="20%" data="img/status2.svg"></object> A rectangle in the svg is selected and animated: var element = document.getElementById("obj").contentDocument.getElementById('rectangle'); TweenMax.to(element, 1, { rotation:30, transformOrigin:'50% 50%' }); No problem in Chrome and FF, but in IE11 and Android <4.4 I can't provide a codepen demo because of cross domain restrictions (embedded object) but here is a link: http://www.e-challenge.de/greensock/animation.html Thanks for help! Tom