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Afrowave last won the day on July 5 2015

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  1. Wow! We have to love GSAP and the team at GreenSock. Thanks Zack.
  2. Very nice Zach! That means that I really can't use the "display: flex;" that I have used. I un-commented the other button and it ended up on top of the visible one. But that is a CSS problem, not GSAP! Thank you Zack, for your time. This one stumped me. But now I am on my merry way. ?
  3. Ho Hooo. Thanks guys. Interesting. We are half way there. I have shrunk the target size to allow a clear view of the snapping action. I thought, looking at the original, that the "x:0, y:0" was part of the snapping in the TweenLite function, snapping to, say, the top most, left corner. Without that, how would the snapping be done?
  4. Hey Greensockers ?, I am trying to set up a Drag and Drop with Snap, forked from Ant Pearson's Drag and Drop with Snap. But some how mine is broken and not snapping as it should, even wit hall the tell-tale signs that it should. I even have commented out implementation that I tried and broke as well. I looked through a number of likely past posts but none of them were doing this. May someone with an idea of what I could be doing wrong point me in the right direction? I would be very grateful.
  5. Hi jbjanot, Thank you for the good work. And yes, I did exactly what you did. I can see a number of places where I will use this. It works as it should. Cheers and be .
  6. Hi jbjanot, Thank you for making your image slider. Saves us a ton of work . But if you change the "type: slide" to fade, the previous list item does not fade out as the "currentItem" fades in. I thought it was because I was missing some class "extra-slider-active" that is inserted when the item is the one highlighted. So I created a basic pen using your example code with text based items, to illustrate the problem. http://codepen.io/Afrowave/pen/vGQYQp
  7. Thanks a lot GreenSock. After years in "Flash", I have grown to love GSAP and I am upgrading my membership and moving all my animations to GSAP. The community around it are the greatest. If I start mentioning names I won't stop. Now where is my cheque book?
  8. Just tipping my hat to all of you guys. Being a former ES4 AS3 coder, this is the best discussion of "competitors" I have seen on the Net among Flash brothers. It has filled my heart with genuine warmth. So I will have a look at Popmotion, though I am in love with GSAP.
  9. That is fine Carl. I noticed that the Visualizer was working inside/on Codepen. How would one get involved with building a thing like this for and with GSAP?
  10. Hi Carl, I want to execute a moderately difficult timelinemax anumation. Every time I check out http://greensock.com/position-parameter I see the Visualizer. It reminds of Flash and I start getting illusions of an After Effects Timeline visualizer. Any news on this? Is it up for sale as a plugin? I would pay. I need to stop the illusions.
  11. Good stuff Frux, I was going through some AfterEffects to JS scripting stuff and obviously I thought of GSAP having a customEase somewhere. I like the "hack". It's . Another vote here for our GSAP solution to this.
  12. Diaco, you can't be serious! After creating a bald head, that is all it took? You are the man, okay, Wookiee
  13. Hi Carl, May we embed a CodePen pen into the forum body for easier access for everyone?
  14. Hi guys, Firstly, I love GSAP and the stuff I am doing to the Div here is wizardry. Here it is: http://codepen.io/Afrowave/pen/eNVXxL The plan is to scale the width div from a fixed size to the % of the screen size and height with a scale factor. That is working for the div. However, in the div there is text that being affected by the height scaling but not the width. I don't want it affected at all by the parent's scaling since it is warped. I have tried a reverse scale on the height, but to no avail. What am I doing wrong?