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  1. WOW! This is what I call some great advice! Thanks a million for the example. Turns out it was the 'rawContent' bit that solved it for me. Thanks again!
  2. This one has got me stuck for quite some time now: I'm using an XML-file to load up my LoaderMax queue, which is working just fine. What I would like to do is send the value of the extra variable ('category' in the XML below) in the XML file on to the loaded swf. This is my XML-file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> <data> <SWFLoader url="bump_worldclock.swf" load="true" noCache="true" /> <SWFLoader url="cont_nu.swf" load="true" noCache="true" category="binnenland" /> </data> Loading the 'cont_nu.swf' file onto the stage is no problem at all. Referencing to the value of the added variable works just fine. Sending the value of 'category' to that SWF (or fetching the value from within the SWF) does not work unfortunately. This is my code up to this point: var mc:Object = currentLoader.content; var cat:String = currentLoader.vars.category; Object(root).addChild(mc); I suspect there to be an easy solution to my problem. But not easy enough to solve with a Google search. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance!