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  1. Follow up: Accidentally I hit a very nice website that can help all of us to port jQuery to vanilla js: http://youmightnotneedjquery.com/
  2. Have a look at this conversation: http://greensock.com/forums/topic/15542-thanks-for-a-smart-aspect-ratio-code/ Could set you on the right track.
  3. Guten Tag mikel, Grüsse aus nachbarn Land Niederlande. OsuBlake is a giant. I was so free to examen the functionality and code of the shoemakers website. Very nice!
  4. Hi jbjanot, Thanks for your reply. I could but it's a long time ago I worked with jQuery. Unfortunately I also can't find some time to work on this Well, maybe later. Keep up the good work!
  5. @jbjanot Hi, I love your extra.slider project: clean, little overhead and functional. There's ONE thing I don't like at all: it depends on jQuery. Since I'm developing in Vue.js I don't need/want to invoke jQuery. Any chance you can find the time to build a vanilla js ES2015/16 version? This version would give Angular, Vue, React, etc. developers a clean basis to scaffold. If you can I could contribute by creating a Vue.js components system based on your lib. NOTA: jQuery is mostly used (also by you) to do queries in the DOM. Notice today we have https://developer.mozilla.org/nl/docs/Web/API/Document/querySelector
  6. Thanks Carl, Anyone knows IF and if so WHEN the main browser builders (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera) are planning to implement SVG->GPU hardware animation?
  7. This is a very interesting issue I think. I can't contribute because my knowledge is rather short in this matter. I hope the experts here will contribute on this subject.
  8. Nice end result Nickzilla. Waiting for probe #2!
  9. violacase

    SVG Gotchas!

    As Jonathan said: Hey PointC, Great demo of animating the viewbox attribute with GSAP. I am very interested in the contents of the books shown in the bonus bookshelf!
  10. The music is energetic, and well composed, just like you Very good for using it in an intro/goodbye wave. One aside: Dim (better: stop) the music when you're talking to the audience. I find it very annoying listening to a voice that is disturbed by background noise. And I'm also interested in the question OsuBlake asked: How many hours did it take you? Keep up the great work!
  11. violacase

    ePub books

    Joyeux Noël á tous. Let us all unite and try to express ourselves in the (2nd) language most of the citizens of this silly planet understand. No other choice I think. (Bless Vietnam btw)
  12. I couldn't agree more. Osublake is: 1. Someone who REALLY knows the foundation of ECMAscript and oh so many frameworks, libraries, name it... 2. A great coder 3. A great teacher 4. Most important: SOOO nice and generous to everyone. Tip for newbies and intermediates with Javascript (and GSAP of course): Study his codepens http://codepen.io/osublake/ and smile!
  13. Thanks for this info OSUblake. Clear. Suggestion for elaborating this pen: If it isn't too hard to code and you have some time maybe it's nice to flip the penguin pic so that it's nose is looking west if mouse moves west (with some nice roll perhaps when initially changing mouse direction).
  14. Hey OSUblake. Great pen! I noticed many of your pens use Babel as a preprocessor. I'm curious what's the main reason you're using this one and not another? Running Ecmascript6 in older browsers?
  15. Yep... very interesting. (But what a terrible name. It's a paraphrase on three.js I think which is also a terrible name for a lib)
  16. Thanks Petr and Jack, your detailed answers make sense, I expected this kind of reaction but without the details. Nevertheless good libraries both for SVG and Canvas are here now and evolving. Indeed hard to decide...
  17. violacase

    Canvas or SVG?

    Hi folks, Not a specific GSAP related question I guess, but perhaps still a bit... In this forum a lot of focus is put on SVG manipulation and just a little bit on canvas. I would like to know what display 'system' javascript experts would choose in the year 2016 and why if they would start a blank web page project with lots of GSAP. SVG or Canvas?
  18. @jonathan. I think this word 'usually' may surely be phrased as 'a very good approach'. BTW... Haven't I seen this piece of code earlier?
  19. You moderators (ALL) are such fine coders but above all so very nice and helpful folks. What a great experience it is visiting this forum (almost every day)!
  20. Hey Carl, Perhaps it's an idea to have a submenu discussion group item 'Suggestions and Ideas' under 'Support'? For me too it took some time to find the right spots. I was a bit overwhelmed. Some suggestions I have already: 1. A page (perhaps subcategory under 'Examples & Showcases) with links to code snippet collections ordered by e.g. tweening type. 2. Standard (backward) reference links in codepens to issues discussed in this forum. I am afraid that lots of fine solutions for problems given in this forum will get out of sight as time passes by. Nobody likes redundant discussion threads. 3. An area on the website with w3school kind of introductions. I know that that's a LOT of work...
  21. Thanks for your clear reply, OSUblake. I'm trying to build a 'one-page ajaxified' website with WordPress as the backend. Because the front end needs a lot of real time changeable data I decided to use Angular for the data binding. And, of course, GSAP for the UI-manipulation. I really can't understand why not LOTS of developers make that same decision. Perhaps they do but don't experience any problems doing so...
  22. For me http://plnkr.co/edit/7E7HKQ?p=preview works. And I learned a lot. Thanks (again!) OSUblake. One thing OSUblake: Googling I can't find any recent stuff on this subject from Angulars' perspective. Are you the only one on the entire www concerned with this stuff? If not, could you give me some useful links? I'm soooo eager to learn you see.
  23. I certainly appreciate! BTW: Ihatetomatoes is a funny and intelligent guy... I'dd suggest you read his youtube things.