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  1. Thank you, Carl. Tell me one more thing I have already tried using CirlcePath2d now I will try your example but I use starling and try to move starling display objects should I do something with degrees when I rotate starling objects, convert to radians maybe, or it will be correct?! In circlepath2d something was rather strange with rotation.
  2. Hello everyone. I want to realize move animation with objects which moves from point A to point B with some ease setting but not as the crow flies, it should move by some curve line a it should looks llke the object describes a circle. Is it possible ? For examle we have scene 400*400, and to objects in positions (0,200) * (400,200) and tweens move them to (200,0) and (200,400) but they move by curve line and and animation looks like both object first move to center of a scene and then to their positions Example: http://www.gamedev.ru/files/images/?id=109474
  3. Ohh, God, you right. I didn't see the elephant, and my mind ignoring that this is html page. Thank you for so quick response.
  4. I make a application which works with Api of some popular social media. After I parse data I receive rather strange but correct sources on asking assets. something like that: http://500px.com/photo/70448315/keep-it-real-by-redeyeproject- And ImageLoader don't want to recognise this src as jpg. How I can set Loader to load such sources?!