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  1. Yes, you should check out this link : http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html After you setup your working environment and install android sdk you will have an option to create various virtual devices that can emulate any version of android os. But you should know that emulator is very slow even on powerful machines. There is no way to test game performance on an emulator.
  2. Carl, those are some excellent tutorials! Those are the exact transition effects I want to use, the question is should I use "masks" or "bitmaps" for those kinds of animations. if you look at your animations: They could be achieved by using the source image, and slicing it in a few bitmaps, and animate those parts back in to source. - What do you think is the best approach? - Also, should the source image be cached as bitmap, when doing masked animations?
  3. Hi all, I'm working on a project which will have full browser/ full screen galleries for desktop computers. It will probably run on previous generation of processors. This picture explains the type of the transitions I'm going for. So as you can see, I have an image at the bottom of the stack(desert image), and the next image in the gallery will come on top, with those masked transitions revealing it slowly. Currently I'm using just plain masks and scaling then horizontally across the screen. It works fairly well on my machine, but I have no way of testing it on older computers. I will also create various other transitions regarding stripes like fading in new image over the old by fading in one stripe at the time, blinds transition etc... I'm interesting in hearing your thoughts on optimizing this kind of animations. The gallery will be stretched accross the whole browser so the dimensions can be pretty big. I was reading about BlittingMask class, never used it before, can that help to improve the performance of the gallery? Should I use bitmap caching ? How would you approach building this kind of stuff. Any help is much appreciated.
  4. So that's the way to go. Thank you for the code Jack. The more I dig in to the platform ,the more a realize how powerful it is. off topic: Do you have any future plans to port the platform to JS?
  5. oh, I totally forgot about FrameLabel plugin I have another question: Is there a way for me to dynamically set the duration of the tween , because number of frames between the labels won't always be the same ? this is my timeline: As you can see IN_START animation starts on frame 20 , and finishes on frame 40 , if the FPS is 30 , duration should be 20/30 = 0.66 But if the designer decides to move the IN_COMPLETE to frame 60, then the calculation will be wrong. Is there a way to dynamically but the correct timing every time, no mather where the designer moves the IN_COMPLETE label? I've played with TweenMax "useFrames" property, but I don't really get it ? One solution that I can think of right now is to use MovieClip frameLabels and flash.display.FrameLabel and for every clip that is used , I would calculate the time for TweenMax tween , based on the number of frames between labels, and the current frame rate of the swf? Am I complicating everything again, is there an easier solution? How would you approach this? Thanks
  6. onComplete:yourFunction not onComplete:yourFunction()
  7. Hi all, I have an interesting conundrum. I want to combine animation done with code , and animation done on timeline. so I have this: myTimeline.append(_element_1.animateIn()); myTimeline.append(_element_2.animateIn()); myTimeline.append(_element_3.animateIn())); myTimeline.append(_element_4.animateIn())); myTimeline.play(); every element :_element_1 _element_2 ... etc, returns TweenMax- TweenLite instance through it's method animateIn() And it all works fine. Now I want to combine elements that have flash IDE timeline animations with TimelineMax , so I can have combination of elements (some use TweenMax , some have timeline animations) I need a solution to push IDE animations to TimelineMax One solution that I can think of is: I need to pass the instance of the TimelineMax to the element that has ide animation. And also to return a generic instance of TweenCore() from the animateIn() method in order to satisfy the "append" method requirement animateIn($sequencer:SimpleTimeline):TweenCore myTimeline.append(_element_1.animateIn(myTimeline)) And then when I'm inside the animateIn method , i stop the TimelineMax instance from advancing further? Am I on the right track about this , or there is a better solution?
  8. I'm from Serbia (Eastern Europe ) Is credit card processing done through PayPal ? Because I've tried that, and my country is not on the list, or I'm missing something?
  9. In light of the new promotion for ActiveDen authors ( I'm one of them ) I would really like to buy the corporate licence, however I don't have a paypal account , (my country is not Supported) I there any other way to pay for the licence? Thank you.
  10. Actually I've downloaded the latest version of TweenMax and have the same problem with very basic animations. Also I get warnings about some Boolean values automatic coercion inside the TweenMax class , when published in strict mode. Maybe something is wrong with the latest version?
  11. Thought so Thanks for the quick response.
  12. Hi greensock. Maybe a stupid question , but I'm very interested in how did you generated documentation for AS 2 version of language using ASDOC ? Thanks for you time