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  1. hi jack, et al


    i have built a site for a client, and am having one strange thing happen; i have a main fla 1920x1080 that loads external swfs using empty mc holders, including one that loads an flv sized at 1079x607 (x:0, y:0 in a 1079x607 fla); here's the hidden page:




    my main fla includes:

    stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;
    stage.align = StageAlign.TOP_LEFT;
    var areaRnd:LiquidArea = new LiquidArea(this, 0, 0, 1920, 1080);
    areaRnd.preview = false;
    //attach the reel
    areaRnd.attach(cntrHolder, ScaleMode.PROPORTIONAL_INSIDE, AlignMode.CENTER, AlignMode.CENTER);


    cntrHolder is an empty mc also 1079x607 pixels, and i have placed it on the stage, aligned center, with it's reg point top left


    when i load this movie it scales up to the liquidArea dimensions just fine, but on resizing the window the movie scales way down and jumps to left center - i think i'm missing something very obvious here, but i've been at this all day and need to ask for some assistance, please


    thank you very much, jodi

  2. hi there


    i have built several top level nav buttons that i have pinned in a project that is set to:


    stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;
    stage.align = StageAlign.TOP_LEFT;


    var ls:LiquidStage = new LiquidStage(this.stage, 1920, 1080, 480, 320);
    ls.attach(menu01_bu, ls.BOTTOM_LEFT);
    ls.attach(menu02_bu, ls.BOTTOM_LEFT);
    ls.attach(menu03_bu, ls.BOTTOM_LEFT);
    ls.attach(menu04_bu, ls.BOTTOM_LEFT);
    ls.attach(menu05_bu, ls.BOTTOM_LEFT);


    this is great but some of these buttons have sub nav buttons, eg, if i click on menu02_bu i want to move all the buttons under menu02_bu (menu03_bu, menu04_bu, menu05_bu) down by 20 pixels to position a sub nav button (hidden at start), menu06_bu in between menu02_bu and menu03_bu (see attached jpeg of what i am trying to do)


    the problem is that i originally had my project set as align BOTTOM_LEFT and could use specific y values, but now that it is TOP_LEFT (needs to be for a component i purchased), i can't use the y values


    i know that i can do something like this:


    //TweenMax.allTo([menu03_bu, menu04_bu, menu05_bu], 1, {y:"20"}, 0.1);


    but the problem is that some pages use just the 5 top level buttons, some have one sub nav button that needs to appear, and another has 2 sub nav buttons, so there is a lot of movement required


    is there a way to perhaps set a variable or some other option? thanks for your help :)

  3. hi jack


    thanks for the fast reply; that does make sense


    i have attached the fla and xml file in a zip - what is happening is everything works perfectly when the 3 lines from the previous post are commented out, but as soon as i uncomment them, the text appears but the top few lines are missing, and scrolling up does not bring that missing text back - very odd! thank you, jodi

  4. hello, jack, et al


    i have set up a simple bit of code to center a mask (mask_mc), some controls (cntrls_mc) for a mc (text_mc) and inside that the dynamic text field (text_mc.info_txt), which loads some xml text:


    var txtBlock:LiquidArea = new LiquidArea(this, 0, 0, 1920, 1080);
    txtBlock.preview = false;
    txtBlock.attach(mask_mc, ScaleMode.NONE, AlignMode.CENTER, AlignMode.CENTER);
    txtBlock.attach(text_mc, ScaleMode.NONE, AlignMode.CENTER, AlignMode.CENTER);
    txtBlock.attach(cntrls_mc, ScaleMode.NONE, AlignMode.CENTER, AlignMode.CENTER);

    the above works perfectly on my 1920x1080 project, but the text inside the text_mc is also centered both vertically and horizontally, so showing the middle of the text block


    i then tried to add in this line to make the info_txt mc inside the text_mc align at the top instead:


    txtBlock.attach(text_mc.info_txt, ScaleMode.NONE, AlignMode.CENTER, AlignMode.TOP);

    but got this error:


    The parent of the DisplayObject info_txt added to AutoFitArea instance12 doesn't share the same parent.


    i'm sure i'm missing something really obvious, so any help would be greatly appreciated; thank you!

  5. hello, all


    this may seem like areally silly question, but i have been trying to work with this -


    import gs.utils.LiquidStage;///import liquid stage class


    and i get a 'could not be found' error because i don't have the file, even though i have grabbed the 'bonus-all-v11.zip', i don't see a 'gs' dir anywhere - do i need to pull one of the .as files from that zip and create these gs/utils dirs myself? sorry for being such a bubble head...


    thanks, jodi