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  1. Never mind … I tested accidentally with an older GS version. Downloaded V12 -> works like a charm! Uli
  2. Hi there, can anybody please confirm this… If I execute the code the video plays in a loop, as it should. Flashplayer Version 11.2 and newer produces a short flash as the video repeats. Flashplayer 11.1 and older = smooth looping! Mac & PC Did I miss something? Thanks a lot Uli import com.greensock.loading.VideoLoader; var videoLoader = new VideoLoader("video/video01.mp4", {container:this, repeat:-1}); videoLoader.load();
  3. Hi Carl, thanks for the very quick response. Is there a best practice for embedding a video in the sequencing process? Or, how to start a video at the end of a part in a timeline animation and after it reached its end continue with the rest of the timeline? Like inserting? Thanks P.S. I should check out V12 …
  4. Hi there, I think I just have a very simple question … Is it possible (and how?) to play a video (already loaded) in a timeline as a part of the sequence? Without the addCallBack function? Like: tl.append… tl.append… tl.playVideo() …and at the end of the video tl.append Thanks in advance Uli P.S. I really appreciate you work!