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  1. Thank you Carl for such a swift reply to a 3 year old post! That does help me, I can see now that you had given the answer in your post, but when ilvolgo replied I wasn't sure what had solved it for him. Now I think I understand! The additional info you added now is very helpful and I think I can figure things out. I'm new to using Greensock and I'm evaluating it for our team. Sadly, I'm the most code-savvy of the designers. I had also asked Michael B. a question about his 4-year old tutorial on Smart AS3 Video Loading, and he also replied right away. It's great to see that Greensock has such a supportive community!
  2. I know this was a while ago, but any chance you could post the solution? I need to resize the loaded swf to fit the stage, both at instatiation and upon browser resizing; it seems like you solved it, but I don't know how.