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  1. I'll try it then Meanwhile I have written my own loader class with a callback system. Trying now to integrate LoaderMax with this and see how that works...
  2. Hi Carl, thanks a bunch this way works, but how about dynamic figuring out what the string shoud be in getContent. What I can do is loop through the event.target.content array and find the name properties. The idea is that I don't need so spell out a specific name but can handle it completely dynamically. Along those line inside of a loop: trace("content of "+ event.target.content[i].name = " + LoaderMax.getContent(event.target.content[i].name));
  3. Hi all, I am loading a variety of stuff through the LoaderMax that is added to its queue via queue.append(). Now when the loaderComplete event triggers, naturally I have the data but I want to be able know to what loader in the queue the data belongs to. I know you can set a name in vars like that for example for an image loader. queue.append(new ImageLoader(fileToLoad, {name:"photo1", estimatedBytes:2400, container:this, alpha:1})) When I debug I do find the name of the loader photo1 under the event at event.target.content[0].name. However this doesnt work for the DataLoader when I load text (haven't tried binary or variables as I don't need it yet). I just get the text string, but no name reference. Meaning I have no idea if I load several files using the DataLoader , what loader is associated with it inside of the LoaderMax queue. How can I reference back to the loader via name? I have several dozens of things to load, from images, sounds and text. The reason I want to do that so I can implement a callback system to pass the data back to the place where the load request came from to use the data at the right place. Thanks Lev