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  1. Thanks PointC! Here is a codePen: https://codepen.io/celli/pen/MMwpjx
  2. I am having some trouble with adding and removing the addEventListener, it says it can't read a property of a null. This is not GSAP related, so I can keep trying to see what works
  3. Thanks PointC ! I will try this and reply back when it is working.
  4. Hey PointC ! Thanks for responding I was trying to avoid jQuery, even though I am using it in this example I was going to try and convert those instances without using jQuery, if possible. I thought maybe there was a way to play the GSAP instances once, and then reset them when the item is inactive again. If you think the jQuery on and off methods would be the way to go, then maybe I'll keep it while using jQuery, but how would I integrate that into my GSAP timelines?
  5. Hi, I am trying to figure out two things on my codePen link. 1. When you click a dot, it scales down to 2 -- but I am trying to figure out how to make that dot inactive, so that the mouseover and mouseout functions would not run on that specific dot while it is active. 2. The line and date animations can still run now (even if the item is active), but I am trying to figure out how to limit the GSAP animations to run only if the item is inactive
  6. Right! I forgot we are using createJS properties It Works like you said: TweenMax.to(exportRoot.box, 2, {alpha:0}); TweenMax.set(exportRoot.box, {visible:0});
  7. Hi Davi, Sorry that I am re-opening this old thread, while I can control with GSAP the element's position in the HTML, to within the Animate CC canvas element. It doesn't seem to work with anything other than position control. I tried opacity, alpha, visibility, display, etc... Check this updated codePen in the HTML function doAfter. Do you know why we can't control any properties other than position?
  8. Davi, Thanks! Yes, I see it needs to be after the handleComplete() function. that works! I tried to put a function after the HiDPi function but that didn't work... Why does it need to be right after the handleComplete() function ? I wonder if I could put the functions on a separate .js file
  9. Thanks Davi, Check it out here's a codePen that I put a simple Animate CCC Canvas file into. There is only 1 movieClip named 'box' . But I can't get any control over the element from javascript outside of putting the js inside the FLA. it seems like it is a scope issue
  10. Hi, We can control the movieClip with an id of box from within Animate CC like this: TweenMax.to(this.box, 2, {x:500, repeat:10, yoyo:true}); But if I wanted to control the same movieClip with GSAP from the actual HTML file instead, how can I do that ? I am having trouble targeting the actual element from within the <canvas> I tried canvas.box and stage.box and exportRoot.box, but I can;t seem to target the id of a MovieClip that is inside of my AnimateCC canvas... Does anyone know how to target them ?
  11. Thanks Davi ! It's strange though because the getMonth with +1 seems to work for the 11th month (November), which is this month. If you switch the day, you'll see it working-- Am I missing something ? I want to make sure, because this will run during the 12th month actually even though my test is in the 11th month (November)
  12. In case anyone is interested I accomplished it pretty easily. See this codePen, and change the date to see it work... I am wondering if anyone has experience with this running anything like this in a banner ad ? I am hoping there is not a reason that this wouldn't fire appropriately (inside of a banner ad)... or if there was a fail-safe to make certain that the script runs ?
  13. I am wondering if anyone knows how to create GSAP code so that I can send Animate CC to a specific frame only at a specific date (Month, Day and Year) and time ? I wanted to do this in Animate CC, and use GSAP so that I can send the timeline to a specific frame when we reach a certain date and time only... otherwise it would just play the regular timeline.
  14. This should help and show how to easily add nested time lines:
  15. Great Demo PointC, and thanks for all your help yesterday