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  1. ok, thank you even if i got trouble to understand all perhaps I don't need a cookie to make remember the animation but I can't see how I can do just with GSAP... I effectly use a timline... I'm searching...
  2. Hi I got a animation as a preloader of images and css files. But it run each time I open a new page or reload the same page. I think I have to use a cookie method because images are load one time in the cache and no need to run another time the animation. I'm not a friend of cookie so i got trouble with this method. I can find script on the web but how can I integrate it to apply it to my animation ? Please. Thx for your help.
  3. Hi and sorry to answer so late. here is a piece of the animation code : tl.to(tableLoder,2,{rotation:360,repeat:1,opacity:1,delay:0},'here') .staggerFrom(spans, 0.3,{autoAlpha:0,rotationX:-90,rotationY:360},0.1,'here') .staggerTo([tableLoder,wrapper],2,{opacity:0,zIndex:0},0.2); Tweenmax.kill(); Indeed, I place the Zindex to "0", 'cause it was Over the rest. Now I think I got to work on something I never had understood : cookies. Animation appear each time a page is loaded... That's right ?
  4. ok I understand CSS = Start GSAP = the way to walk...
  5. Ok thnks... Just a final question (for the moment eyh eyh) : I've tried my animation on my website... it's cool but after anim, I can't access the web page. I mean, i can't clic or do anything with mouse... I finished scrpt by : TweenMax.kill(); but nothing Is there a tip to that reaction ? please, thanks
  6. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Can I call you God ? I was looking for an issue and I saw this thing (labels) but I was far to htink it could be necessary for my issue.... Thank you again, I learn more and more (it's hard to learn in an other langage alone...) Thank you very much... I'll try to make my mind growing up
  7. fisrt I don't understand why the animation doesn't work in Codepen... then my trouble is that between 2 animations, there is a time the previous anim stop and then the following start.. I'd like to have a continue runny animation. thanks for your help
  8. a great help yeah I'm seeing that if I set() css into GSAP file it's ok too... instead of full my css file...
  9. Ok..... I understand now if i had a doubt... So for me to keep in my mind, : - first, we place css rules in css file - and then, we could use these css rules into GSAP script file.. Isn't it ? I'm wrong ? whatever, a big thank to you both for your help
  10. Hi all I don't have any code for my question about css pseudo-class usage. I'd like to build ::after and ::before with set() and i failed. So in my wishes i'd like to make a cool animation with ::after ans ::before and I'm afraid to fail again. I saw a tuto on GreenStock which speak about CSSRulePlugin (here) but I don't know if this plugin is in the TweenMax.min.js file that I utilise to be sure to have the max of possibility. hummm I think i'm a little bit lost thank you for your help
  11. Hi Rodrigo I thank you for your great help ! I succes to do it work, roll and run I like this GASP very much
  12. Hi, I start with that jewel which is GASP and I already love it so much. So thanx guys for your work. Oh, first I'm french and I try to write right english, so excuse me if you find mistakes. OK, so my probleme is that i can't stock my timeline in a var to play it after (and the .play() don't work...) I'd like ti stock i var to play later... (Windows 7 SP1, Google Chrome (usualy), and for my devices... a PC made by myself... a good PC) thank you in advance for your help (is there some explainations or tuto in french ? i understand english but it oblige me to learn less fast)