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  1. Thx OSUBlake ! Pretty interesting proof of concept. But as Chrysto and surely many others users, we miss TM for a while...
  2. Forget it ! I also asked for it 3 years ago and got the same answer... So sad !
  3. Thank you Michael. According to your answer, I understand that's possible to get a cool effect. In my case, there would be no image of flash but the opacity easing should directly be applied to both sliding-out and sliding-in images...It seems to be the same.
  4. Hi and merry xmas to all ! Is GSAP/JS able to render a flash effect transition in a slideshow. A kind of lightening flash bulb of 50's cameras. Hope I am clear enough and thx for your help. Eric
  5. OK. I understand that's not in progress... Thank's for your fast answer.
  6. Hello to all, As some devs fail to make FabricJS work properly with CreateJS suite, and as there is no clean alternative righ now, do you plan to port TransforManager into HTML5/JS world ?