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  1. Weirdness: Tried to create two different TimeLineLite timelines for a sprite. _mainAnim is added to another timeline, _myAnim is on its own. _mainAnim = new TimelineLite(); _mainAnim.add(TweenMax.from(this, .5, {scrollRect:{y:height}})); _mainAnim.add(TweenMax.from(_counter, .3, {scrollRect:{x:_counter.width}})); _mainAnim.add(TweenMax.from(bg, .5, {scaleX:0})); _myAnim = new TimelineLite({onStart:playing, onComplete:playDone}); _myAnim.add(TweenMax.from(this, .5, {alpha:0})); But when I play _mainAnim, the events for _myAnim fire! Other oddities: unable to play _mainAnim at all (the sprite just disappears) - presumably this is verboten once it's added to another timeline? And likewise, if _myAnim is assigned the same TweenMax animations (to duplicate the total animation), the sprite just disappears when _myAnim is played. Basically I want to be able to play the same animation for the sprite - once as part of the animation timeline created for the parent view, and later on its own. Any way to do this?
  2. using DataLoader — can't figure out how to trap for error #2101: Exception fault: Error: Error #2101: The String passed to URLVariables.decode() must be a URL-encoded query string containing name/value pairs. at Error$/throwError() at flash.net::URLVariables/decode() at flash.net::URLVariables() at flash.net::URLLoader/onComplete() The problem is that the url is wrong so the server is returning a standard 401 error page instead of the expected URL-encoded variables (the format of the call is set to "variables" since that is what is expected) I've set every setting for DataLoaderVars for callbacks, and put in try/catch statements wherever possible, but the error is not being trapped.
  3. This is great, Blake. I hope you will be able to add this to the Definitely Typed repository so that it is accessible through the tsd package manager.
  4. This is applicable to the forum as a whole… is there any way to do a boolean search? For example, an advanced search on "1054 AND progress" turns up hundreds of hits, with the word "and" highlighted. BTW quoted terms don't work - putting the phrase "Illegal override of progress" with quotes turned up everything that had "progress" in it, etc. More efficient search results would reduce duplicate queries, I would think - I have limited patience for wading through hundreds of hits to see if my issue has already been covered.
  5. I'm calling the reverse() function on a TimeLineMax timeline but the the timeline animations are not playing in reverse. Checking the progress() shows that it is in fact playing backwards (down to 0). It's a fairly basic timeline, just a bunch of Tween instances attached to it with several labels and callbacks. What parameters or options might be causing it to not play the attached tweens in reverse while it is itself reversing?
  6. This is actually about the use of the Forums in general. How do I search for more than one term? For example, a search for 'TimelineMax delay' yielded 0 results (both in basic and Advanced search); while there is actually a topic entitled "delay for TimelineMax'. I also tried 'TimelineMax, delay' and 'TimelineMax AND delay', to no avail.
  7. I'm seeing the problem with cut off characters in some browsers (Chrome, Safari) but not Firefox. It appears with a cursive font where the character in effect "leans out" of its bounding box, as the attached screen grab shows. The div created by SplitText is too narrow - and if it were wide enough it would widen the character spacing. I can't figure out what is clipping the character, it's not the usual suspects (e.g. overflow, background))
  8. yes, you can set the regX/regY properties; but I'm in a situation where I need to apply different scaling tweens to the same object which means changing the registration and resetting the location (so that it doesn't move) to do a second scaling tween… would be a lot simpler with TransformAroundCenter or better yet TransformAroundPoint functions
  9. unfortunately doesn't work within a <canvas>, i.e. when using easeljs.
  10. Let me encourage you to explore TypeScript - especially for programmer used to OOP languages like ActionScript, TypeScript goes a long way to ameliorating the sloppiness of Javascript. The basic definitions file for greensock from DefinitelyTyped works great except it doesn't cover SplitText (and possibly other additions to the core library), in which case the transpiler throws errors (though fortunately still outputting valid Javascript).
  11. hmm okay I guess you can ignore this one. I removed the greensock.swc and added the as3 files - and no errors. Apparently the packaging engine is having trouble converting the swc.
  12. In a certain context, a BinaryDataLoader loader is throwing an error (Error #2044: Unhandled error) with no further information (event.text = ""). However the data is available in event.target.content - if I pass the event on to the onComplete handler, the data (jpg file) is handled correctly. So here's the tricky part: the context is in an AIR project targeting iOS using SDK 15 and the "Improved Packaging Engine". Using the legacy engine (< AIR 4.0), it works fine. (the legacy engine among other things takes ~10X longer to do its thing). I replaced the loader with the AS3 Loader class - that has no problems either. Any thoughts on how to track down this error or what might be causing it?
  13. Simple enough I would have thought… I'm fading out a video and I want to pause it when the fade is done. The HTML is this: <video width="1024" height="576" id="logoanim"> <source src="assets/am_logo.mp4" type="video/mp4"> <source src="assets/am_logo.ogv" type="video/ogg"> </video> The call is this: TweenLite.to($("#logoanim"), 1, {volume: 0, onComplete: $("#logoanim").pause}); Nothing happens - the video keeps playing (the volume does fade, though) I replaced the onComplete reference to a function: function pauseVideo() { $("#logoanim")[0].pause(); } which did work. So I tried: TweenLite.to($("#logoanim"), 1, {volume: 0, onComplete: $("#logoanim")[0].pause}); and that threw an error: TypeError: 'pause' called on an object that does not implement interface HTMLMediaElement. So, okay, I found a work-around, but why is the work-around necessary? Why can't I call pause() directly?
  14. so having bashed away at the problem I've come more or less full circle back to Blitmask. The trick is to update the blitmask whenever the state of the interactive content has changed, not when the action to start scrolling begins, by then it's too late (in effect), the reason performance was tanking was that it took so long (in cpu terms) to update the mask. BTW for what it's worth this was only a problem on iPhone 4 - iPad 2 works great. Any hints on this would be appreciated…