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  1. Hi, One way to do that is to use canvas... https://jakearchibald.com/scratch/alphavid/ fred
  2. In DoubleClick, you can use the Enabler’s isVisible method: https://support.google.com/richmedia/answer/2672554?hl=en-GB
  3. Hello, I am playing with the Function-based values and I don't understand the following: If scale is before x, everything works fine, the boxes are scaled proportionally: TweenLite.to(".box", 1, { scale: function() { return Math.random(); }, x: function() { return Math.random() * 300; } }); But if x is first, the boxes are not scaled correctly: TweenLite.to(".box", 1, { x: function() { return Math.random() * 300; }, scale: function() { return Math.random(); } }); Thanks, fred
  4. I don't think that the Enabler.js has that feature... correct me if I am wrong. FLITE has a "in view" event and Celtra has a way to detect the position of the iframe in the page... so you will need to write your own script Fred