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  1. The interesting thing is that the child had a parent when attaching it, but was not on the displaylist (no connection to stage). I used update() together with Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE to easily eliminate the problem, but still its pretty weird that this is only malfunctioning in the AIR context (btw: Adobe AIR 2, perhaps there are still some bugs around...). Thanks again, Matthias
  2. Hey Jack, I am currently using your very handy AutoFitArea class in an BasicImage class that has the functionality to show an image (eg Bitmap) in every size you want it to. It all works like a charm except when starting the thing in AIR: Some images had incorrect positions (although they should be centered), and I think I pinned the problem down to the fact that the BasicImage class was not on stage when using the AutoFitArea internally. Is there any possibility that this could cause misbehavior (only in AIR context!)? Unfortunately, I have no time at the moment to strip my classes to the point where you could reproduce the error... Thanks in advance Matthias
  3. Okay so I was on the right track I ran some tests with allowing the TransformManager to alter the transform.matrix-property, but found it really difficult to apply these changes properly to my custom UI. For now, sticking to TransformManager.SCALE_WIDTH_AND_HEIGHT seems the best solution. Thanks again!
  4. Hi Jack, this is not exactly a problem, more a code-design question As you can see in my attachments, I have child-elements that should not be scaled (this #01-box), whereas its background should. This is also what I tryed to say with "complex UI". If you still don't understand me (perhaps I have difficulties saying what I mean as I am from Germany ) I am trying to build some sample-classes together - it's just a bit complicated as it derives from a greater project. Best wishes Matthias
  5. HI Jack, I am getting my hands on your TransformManager class at the moment for evaluating its features. So far, I like it's simplicity when it comes to the API, great job. I need some input to certain project requirements from the guy who made the classes, so here I am: We have not just images or other "simple" displayobjects, but more complex UI elements with a border, background, id-box etc (see screenshots). What is the best way to manage these items in your TransformManager ? So far, i ran some tests with setting "TransformManager.SCALE_WIDTH_AND_HEIGHT" and overwriting the width/height-setters, and it is basically working (although i had an offset when scaling the items big, could be my problem). Another possibility would be to create a proxy class for the transform-property, so I am informed of any changes you make. How would you develop this ? Cheers Matthias