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  1. I'm trying to replicate a Flash CS4 IDE filter setting (specifically, saturation = 14 and hue = -137) with colorMatrixFilter but just can't get it. Your post "Explanation of more advanced tweenMax features" seems to address my problem but I don't understand the explanation. Could you elaborate or specifically tell me how to achieve the above settings with tweenMax? Thanks, Mack
  2. Ah...it was the loader1.rawContent that I needed. I knew the solution would be short and sweet. That's what I love about greensock classes. Thanks, Jack!
  3. Suppose I have the following loader: var loader1:SWFLoader=new SWFLoader("myExternal.swf",{name:"myExternalSWF",container:this,onComplete:completeHandler}); loader1.load(); How would I set up an event listener to watch for a button press inside the loaded clip? That way I've done this in the days before loaderMax was something like this: var SWFLoader:Loader; function loadSWF(url:String):void { SWFLoader = new Loader(); SWFLoader.load(new URLRequest(url)); SWFLoader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, SWFLoaded); } function SWFLoaded(e:Event):void { addChild(SWFLoader); var myclip:MovieClip = new MovieClip(); myclip=MovieClip(SWFLoader.content); myclip.myBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, myBtnClick); function myBtnClick( evt:MouseEvent ) { trace("ok"); } } Trouble is, I cant' figure out the loaderMax equivalent. Thanks! Mack