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  1. Hi Jack, no questions, Thanks for your great help. Scroll magic i also tried out already. Nice tool. Maybe now that i know the different approaches i will retry scrollmagic again. Cheers
  2. Hi Jack, thank you for you answer, this sure helps. So thats what i did know..adding a "fake" animation at the 10 second to span up the timeline an the placing the other timeline and tweens where i need them. i'm using the progress to "scrolL" through with the mouse as the scroll position moves on. Unfortanatly what i came about knwo is that its mor like a seek, you can go forward and backwards, i know have to finde a way instead of scrolling throug the "sub" timelines, to play them, an ignore the scrolling for that period But Greensock is such a great tool, so there will sure be a solution for this. Thanks again
  3. Thinking out loud. Of course i could make the timline have like a total of 10 Seconds. and then place the animations accordingly. But maybe there is another direct was ?
  4. Hi, Intro: I'm currently producing a sitebar banner, wich will animate depending on scroll position (percentage) of the website. So the Banner should trigger animation depending on this percentage or scroll position. So the idea was having a timeline fro, 0 to 1 (0 - 100%) Adding tweens there, and when the scroll position reaches theses position trigger these animations. i would like to add tweens to a timeline. But instead of adding them at a certain time, i would like to add them at a certain progress of the timline. var mytween = TweenMax.to(...) e.g. tl.add(mytween, 25%) Is this possible in any way? Thank you Best Carsten