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  1. Hi, long age as a Flash Dev one of the biggest problem was performance and CPU usage. for recent days as I try to explore jqury and GSAP I realised that this issue still active. as far as remember, the heaviest animatic materials were opacity animations or scales. Today after a few animations that contains fadein-out and some transform animations I had to research about GSAP tricks about performance. is there any page about this specific content? or is there any experiences of your to share? thank you.
  2. thank you! @GreenSock
  3. this seems awesome and above my knowledge @OSUblake thank you for your sharing this.
  4. Hi, after change the text the DIV doesn't centered. I've added CSS properties after edit text but it doesn't work either. is there any suggestion? thank you.
  5. hi @OSUblake thanks for your reply. yes, box height are same. according to screen height may be it will change but overall they will use same height. but as you can see widths are not same. how "grids" works I wonder? This issue became more complex than I thought. Currently I've been checking some game codes about 2D collisions. In this way I have to use some kind of recursive function usage I think. It must be easy damn
  6. Hi, I want to animate some boxes that will be appear randomly from the bottom. But they overlaps each other sometimes. I want them positioned seperatly. Is that any mathematical way or some other way to achive that? I thought that may be I can validate new positions with others' x, y, with, height values one by one and if new x and new y are in a area that belongs to other one I will get random location values again recursively. thank you.
  7. thank you very much @PointC
  8. hi, 1) I've been searching cssPlugin script link that I want to use it instead of download it. But I could not find the link. could you help please. 2) beside that, I didn't understand exactly why should I use it. Because currently, without import cssPlugin I can animate css properties with tweenMax? thank you
  9. hi, I hope I can find a solution for my urgent problem. I have a tween like below : TweenMax.to(mc, 40, { scaleX:2, scaleY:2, onComplete:onImageShowed}); I want to kill/remove/disable that onComplete callback from mc when I user interacted to a button. how can I do that? regards,
  10. hi, I have a problem with timelineMax. I used timelineMax for Rollover and Rollout events. but some weird behaviors happened. I have timelineMax blog which is made by "insertMultiple" which is contain "allTo" TweenMax method. And I quickly trigger over and out from object, tweens is not killed. I can't show a sample now when I struggling a work but if you can write down some rules and tips it will be appreciated. the case is actually like that : 1- there is an object which has rollOver and RollOut TimelineMax tweens. instertMultiple is used and that contains "allTo" method like this insertMultiple([TweenMax.allTo([_nk_mc,_title_mc]..., 2- I tried to quickly trigger to over and out events. When one event is triggered, I could not achive to kill other's timeline tweens. I used every method seperately or togather like ; timeline.kill() or timeline.stop () and after that timeline.killTweensOf(mc1,mc2,mc3... best regards