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  1. Hi Shaun, Thanks for the quick reply. I thought it was good to go as well. I'll forward this helpful link to my colleagues in the hopes we can bypass any unnecessary work. Best, Blake
  2. Hey there, A client just told us that we can't link to GSAP files on Cloudflare because Cloudflare isn't GDPR compliant. Does anyone have any helpful information on this topic? I'd hate to take apart my work ,and have to add necessary scripts locally which would add a lot of k weight to my project. Best, Blake
  3. Thank you guys so much for the very helpful ideas! I hope to share some cool results after some experimentation. Best, Blake
  4. Hi there, I'm wondering if there's a clever way to animate a mask to reveal a bitmap of smoke, so the smoke image looks like it's appearing somewhat naturally. If the smoke was vector I'd use the DrawSVG plugin with some masking, but in this case is it possible to use any GSAP resources to do something similar? I've attached a sample image of the smoke I'd like to reveal. Thanks in advance, Blake
  5. Thank you so much, PointC! You are supreme! I'll check out your stroke-dasharray thread now. Have an excellent day! Best, Blake
  6. Hey there, Fellow GSAP Jedis! I'm having a bit of trouble getting my plane svg to follow a path I made. Any help is greatly appreciated. Best, Blake
  7. @Jonathan you are a GSAP Jedi Thank you!
  8. Hey there! I'm wondering if anyone knows how to enhance the drawSVG write on effect by adding a glowing point to the stroke that reveals the layer underneath. When the mask is being drawn on, is there a way to add a shape or perhaps a glowing circle to the point that is revealing the layer underneath? Perhaps there's a way for an object like a small circle to follow the path that the drawSVG plugin also follows? Sorry if this sounds too confusing and thanks for taking the time to read. Best, Blake
  9. Hi there, I'm having trouble getting a loop to run smoothly. Right now there's a bit of jitter and I feel like you can easily see the loop start. Would appreciate any help getting this to run smoother. Best, Blake
  10. Blake

    Fireworks png effect

    Thanks so much, Craig! As soon as I hopped back into Sublime I saw that I needed that modifier script and it works like a charm. Have a great weekend, good sir
  11. Blake

    Fireworks png effect

    Hi Craig, how's it going? I'm trying to modify/run this code locally but having a bit of trouble getting started. Any ideas how to properly port this locally to experiment with it? Best, Blake
  12. Blake

    Fireworks png effect

    Bless you, kind sir! That is it! Thank you so much for being a supreme Jedi
  13. Hey everyone! I recently saw an amazing CodePen where a series of fireworks png's were animated using their rotation, scale, x and y properties. It was the coolest thing ever but I can't find it. I believe the effect was leveraging the staggerFrom() function or perhaps steppedEase(). I can't recall but I'd love to try and locate that pen if possible. Thanks in advance, Blake
  14. Blake

    Foggy window effect

    Thank you so much for these very helpful ideas! I'm excited to experiment with this.
  15. Blake

    Foggy window effect

    Hi there, can anyone direct me to some examples of a foggy window effect created with GSAP? I'd love to see any examples or ideas that would show the screen getting foggy, then the fog being wiped away. I've added a pen that someone else made, but shows the direction I'd like to go in. Thank you Natalia for the pen Thanks in advance, B