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  1. Any ETA on when GreenSock 2.1.0 will be available on Google's CDN?
  2. Good afternoon all, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about Google Ad Manager. For exits does it use clickTag like DCM or Exit Events like DCRM? Or does it have it's own API? I am unfamiliar with this platform, and it appears to be only a couple months old. In a quick google search I completed the only documentation I can find is Use Google Web Designer, and select "Google Ad Manager" under Environments. No Developer Documentation or code examples for doing it by hand. These banners have already been created for DCM and use GS for animation and I now need too prepare them for an additional buy through Google Ad Manager. I'm looking to avoid using GWD if at all possible because I don't think it is feasible. The new buy has a max file size of 100k where as the other one was 200k. I'm already looking at having to reduce file size before adding the bloat that GWD creates. If anyone knows how to set up exits that work properly and are tracked through Google Ad Manager I would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks, Chris
  3. Thank you, what was it. I found that setting the autoKillThreashold to 3 worked for the Mouse Wheel and TouchPad, but not for clicking on the arrow buttons. How every, a threshold of 1 made the arrow buttons on the scrollbar work. So far so good. But I'm going to have to double check all the other browsers and check Mac OS to make sure not other issues popped up from adjusting the autoKillThreashold. Thanks, Chris
  4. Hi all, I'm using ScrollToPlugin to animate a scrolling "Important Safety Information" copy for pharmaceutical banners over the course of 160 seconds. The text is the content of a div that is being scrolled I'm finding that IE / Edge do not want interrupt the tween and give the user control to scroll the copy. The Up and Down arrow buttons on the scroll bar will never interrupt ScrollToPlugin. The mouse wheel / touch pad take multiple attempts to scroll (especially on smaller banner sizes) before the interrupt kicks in. On smaller banner sizes like 728x90, the bar to grab on the scrollbar to drag doesn't appear as the up and down arrow buttons cover the full track in IE. Since they don't work it is is near impossible to interrupt the scrolling Dragging the bar on the track always interrupts the scroll as intended. Attempting to scroll down, then up, then down seems to trigger the interrupt in IE/Edge. Anyone have an experience with this and know make sure ScrollToPlugin is interrupted if there is any user interaction with the copy on the first interaction? Thanks