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  1. Thanks Jack! Amazing as always! It works beautifully.
  2. Hi, I'm wondering something about the function-based values feature in TweenMax. If I put in an anonymous function for a value, say the x parameter in a Tween, it works. But if I put in a named function instead (that's defined elsewhere in the page), it breaks. It seems like it should work because the function is returning the same value. I'm just looking for an easy way to randomize initial values in a "from" tween. I don't want to keep entering in the randomization function for every parameter passed to TweenMax...a better workflow is of course to define one randomization function and then call it for each parameter where it's needed, like: TweenMax.staggerFrom(_titleChars, .5, { opacity:0, x:randomBetween(-500,500), y:randomBetween(-500, 500), ease:Power3.easeOut, delay:.7}, 0.1); function randomBetween(min,max){ return Math.floor(Math.random()*(max-min+1)+min); } Is there a way to do this that I'm not seeing? I have that feeling like I'm just missing a tiny bit of info here. Any help is appreciated! thanks, matt
  3. I need to create an animation of words forming a long hashtag. Is there an easy way to use another character as a delimiter besides a physical space to separate words, but have it animate in without any spaces? I want to animate the words of something like "ThisIsAReallyLongHashtagExample" one word at a time, with no spaces. Obviously I can't use spaces as a delimiter, but is there something else I can insert between words to let splitText know where to chop it up? thanks for any insight! - matt
  4. Thanks Diaco...it looks like I had the right syntax, not sure what I was doing wrong, but you've proven it does work. Thanks again.
  5. I think this should be possible but I can't figure out the syntax. What I want to do is animate the "gradientTransform" attribute of an SVG. For instance, if I do a static test like this in the SVG itself: gradientTransform="translate(0,-200)" will move the gradient up 200 units. Great. But I want to animate the x,y values with TweenMax. I've tried this, with the SVG an id of "reveal": TweenMax.to("#reveal", 1, { attr: { gradientTransform:"translate(0,-200)" } } ) And many other variations...nothing seems to work. The gradientTransform attribute lives inside of the <linearGradient> node in the SVG...and I can't figure out how to target it. Any ideas?