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  1. Glad we got to talk about this topic, otherwise we would have never known. Please keep us updated.
  2. You are right! Here's the article talking about the integration of GSAP in CoherentUI for Unity: article And a video on youtube: youtube video coherentUI with gsap
  3. @GreenSock_team, Looking at Ringo's question, I realised that I often have these urges to use GSAP capabilities in other software not related to HTML/ JS stuff. I mean like bad urges!!!!! In my case I wished, not to long ago, to have GSAP superpowers in Newteks Lightwave3D application. As I'm currently doing 3d animation in there I found moments I could have staggered the hell out of things and sequence amazing animations which only lives in my mind, the GSAP way. Even thought you have so much control and complexity in any given 3D application just having these GSAP superpowers would improve workflows like it's nobodies business. You see what you've done to us Greensock? ps. Unity coding can be done using C# and Javascript. But that's where my knowledge ends to.