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  1. Wow men, you are great!!! This was superfast! Thank you very much!
  2. Oh, sorry, i think it was late and i forgot to make the PHP URLs relative: Line 33 urlToLoad = "php/index.php?action=getWinners&type=full"; Line 37 urlToLoad = "php/index.php?action=getWinners&type=empty"; I wanted you to upload all this files to your own remote server and test it there (so if they are all in the same domain you won´t need the crossdomain), that´s why i put the php files and the fla, so you could see exactly ALL i was doing. (don´t test it in a local web server because there it works ok) Edit: i´ve uploaded a crossdomain to my server in case you couldn´t test it with relative URLs.
  3. Steven, i´ve made a sample test for you. You should test it in a remote server with PHP. Upload the contents of the deploy folder and try index.php with these 4 different parameters: 1) index.php?loadType=php_empty -> DOESN´T COMPLETE 2) index.php?loadType=php_full -> LOADS OK 3) index.php?loadType=xml_empty -> LOADS OK 4) index.php?loadType=xml_full -> LOADS OK The results should be visible in the swf, i´ve put lots of traces for you to check it, it´s pretty intuitive. If you need anything else, ask me. PS: Remember to test it on Firefox 3.6.6
  4. I´m leaving work now, so i´m checking it tomorrow. Meanwhile, i´ll prevented the bug by adding some stuff when there are no records to bring in the xml, like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> I think it´s something related to the xml size, cause i needed 3 blocks to make it load. Also, by your response i think that maybe you read it wrong, in CHROME works OK, Firefox is the problem. When i have more info to help you i´ll post it here. Thanks!
  5. Hi Jack, i´m having a similar issue. I load a dynamic XML, and when there is no content, the xml would be like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> In this particular case, the loader never completes. When i saw this post, i updated to the latest version: 1.191. Now, if i test directly from the flash ide it loads OK (before it also failed) but when i test it online, it never completes loading. One curious thing is that it only fails in Firefox (latest version), in Chrome loads OK. i´ve tested this 2 browsers in my pc (Windows 7 64 bit), and my mac (snow leopard) qith the same results, so i think it´s a firefox related issue.
  6. Thanks Jack! It´s incredibly how fast you reply! I should have known it was the Delegate... Now it´s working perfectly!!! Thanks Again!
  7. hi, i´m developing some stuff with the TransformManager class, and it was all working perfectly. Then, i added an event handler function, like the example below: (this is an example code, only important code is shown) class TestClass { private var test_string:String = "TEST"; public function TestClass() { transformManager_obj = new TransformManager({ [b]eventHandler:onTransformObject[/b], forceSelectionToFront:true, allowDelete:true, bounds: { xMin:_xMin, xMax:_xMax, yMin:_yMin, yMax:_yMax } } ); } private function onTransformObject(event_obj:Object):Void { trace("onTransformObject "+test_string); trace("Action: " + event_obj.action + ", MovieClip: " + event_obj.targetObject + ", transformed?: " + event_obj.transformed); } The function is called correctly, because the second trace works perfectly, but the fisrt trace outputs: "onTransformObject: undefined". test_string is an instance variable, i have tried with other instance variables, or calling other functions within the class but none are called. And if i call "onTransformObject" directly from the contrsuctor or other functions, the first trace works correctly. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!