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  1. Hi, I have a text inside a div and then I'm calling SplitText function to seperate them into lines. But on window resize lines remais too long for mobile and I need them to recalculate on window resize to fit into browser witdth. How can I update on window resize lines that are created from SplitText ?
  2. Jonathan it works great, thank you
  3. Here is the link of the sample in CodePen : http://codepen.io/DonDi1989/pen/BKwdk
  4. Hi i have two links with animation: var tl = new TimelineLite(); tl.to($(this).find('.top'), 0.1, {width:"100%"}) .to($(this).find('.right'), 0.1, {height:"100%"}) .to($(this).find('.bottom'), 0.1, {width:"100%"}) .to($(this).find('.left'), 0.1, {height:"100%"}); But when i am hovering fast between this two items animation is not finished like stop(true,false). How can i implement that in Greensock ?