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  1. Hi and thanks Rodrigo, you rock ! Its' working nice with `Linear.easeNone`. love GSAP ! I found this post useful with scrollTo plugin demo http://codeaway.info/greensock-animation-platform-scroll-to-plugin-sample/, http://codeaway.info/sample.code/scroll.to/scroll.to.sample.html
  2. Hi, I try to scroll from an anchor to a div, it's work to go to the top of window but from top of window to a bottom section it doesn't work. http://codepen.io/dhenriet/pen/dtJog function TweenScroll(anchor) { $(anchor).click(function(e) { e.preventDefault(); var domId = $(anchor).attr('href'); //.attr('href').slice(1); var domScroll = $(domId).offset().top; console.log(domScroll); TweenMax.to(window, 1.5, { scrollTo: { y: domScroll }, ease: Back.easeInOut }); }); } TweenScroll('#top'); TweenScroll('#start');
  3. Hi Jonathan, thanks a lot, yes it helps ! It doesn't work because backgroundPosition was defined in percents in CSS, I need to use same unity to tween it.
  4. Hi Rodrigo, thanks for your answer. There wasn't tween on background position (set in pixel instead of percent), I updated the jsFiddle link in case of someone has a few time to look it. http://jsfiddle.net/gamedware/wdn8q6oh/ I already create an issue on ScrollMagic Github because I don't know if the problem comes from ScrollMagic or GSAP I am very worried because I have to make a parallax animation (so I choose ScrollMagic + Tween Js) and if I can't tween more than one <div> it's problematic. I understand you don't support third party plugins but I create a CodePen with only GSAP and I have the same problem, only once has a tween http://codepen.io/dhenriet/pen/qtsgi
  5. Hi, I am trying to animate two div in the same ScrollScene simultaneously but only once has animation, the second is not animated. I just made a fiddle for this problem, I have other ScrollScene before and after. Codepen URL: http://codepen.io/dhenriet/pen/qtsgi