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  1. Fair enough, Jonathan. I followed your instructions and the site got the 'all clear' from free Sucuri SiteCheck malware scanner. I also checked the header.php file - all good - and changed the passwords on the two admin accounts. Do you have any tips about where I might go to see if I can work out what is continuing to cause the homepage problem with the GSAP animation? I guess you are confident that the problem is not with GSAP as such - it seems to be with the way Wordpress is loading the JS files. But the strange thing is I presume it loads them the same way on each of the two pages that I have provided URLs for, and yet they behave differently. There is something unique about that homepage that is disrupting the GSAP display while it works just fine on the test-page. Same website, same template, same GSAP HTML, JS and CSS. Different results.
  2. Jonathan, can you just give me some pointers about where you found jquery.min.php? I cannot find it anywhere.
  3. Jonathan, I do use the console but I'm not an expert in the debugging process. I looked through the console, network tab and the source code for the homepage and cannot find any references to jquery.min.php anywhere. The console doesn't reveal any 404 errors that I can see. And I can't find any references to elghandkly.com anywhere. Can you give me a bit more direction?
  4. Jonathan, thanks for your ongoing help with this issue. You say in your last post that 'without a link to your site' you are unable to know what and how everything is loading. If you look back over my posts you will see links to my site where these problems are occurring mentioned a few times. The page where the animation is working well is http://www.schoolkit.org.au/test-page and the page where the same animation sits (about halfway down the page) that seems to load and start working but then becomes dysfunctional is the homepage i.e. http://www.schoolkit.org.au. Both pages display the same HTML and link to the same CSS and JS files.
  5. I've reconfigured comic.js so it does load properly (my fault) and now the JavaScript is being called successfully. But we are once again back to the starting point in this process. The animation works fine on the test-page but not on the homepage of the site.
  6. Jonathan, I have followed what I believe to be your instructions but I now get a complete blank where the animation should load. What am I missing here? The new comic.js file wrapped in your DOM eventListener is attached. Is this how it should be configured?
  7. Thanks Jonathan, I have now successfully enqueued the js and css files. There was a little tweaking to be done as your example had the TweenMax.min.js and the comic.js with the same 'gsap-js' ID which the script did not like but once I changed the second ID to a unique value it seemed to place the scripts correctly. But the sad thing is that I am still at square 1. The scripts are being called but while they work on this page http://schoolkit.org.au/test-page/ they still do not work properly on the homepage http://schoolkit.org.au/. Do you have any other thoughts? Is my codepen useful at all?
  8. Hey Warren, it ain't easy believe me...but practice makes perfect! I feel like I'm skating on the thin ice of inexperience here - the depth of the water below is increasing and I might go under! Jonathan, I've heard of the enqueue_script() method but I don't have experience of how to use it. So the answer to your question would be no, I have not loaded the scripts using that method. And thanks for the tip on the redundancy of the CSSPlugin. I've created a codepen. It's my first ever codepen and I suspect that will be obvious. Treat my noobishness with some gentleness please. I want to learn. Codepen: http://codepen.io/drfingerless/pen/gwLaaN While my HTML, CSS and JS are all visible there, they don't talk to each other so you can't run the actual animation. I have cobbled this animation together by looking at what others do and in some cases copying and pasting their existing script content. This may mean that I don't understand it as well as I might.
  9. I'll set up the codepen, Jonathan. Just one question though...if it comes down to the order in which the JS files are loading why does it work on the test page but not on the homepage when they both load the JS files in the same sequence. Yes, I am loading TweenMax.min.js in the footer and then my custom code loads after that, as in: <script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/1.19.0/TweenMax.min.js"></script> <script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/1.19.0/plugins/CSSPlugin.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="/wp-content/js/comic.js"></script>
  10. Here's a curious thing. I am fairly new to Greensock but loving it as much as most others seem to. I have created an animated cartoon sequence which works well when tested offline. I embedded all the HTML, JS and CSS into one of my Wordpress sites on a test page and it works beautifully. You can see it in action here - Test page. But once that page tested well, I put it into its proper location on the homepage (about half way down the page at www.schoolkit.org.au) and low and behold it fails! Well sort of... You will see that it seems to load well and you can click on the Start button, but then you notice other layers of content appearing and the animation controls become dysfunctional. When I check the console I see the following errors in TweenMax.min.js of 'TypeError: g is undefined' repeating themselves. Also '11TweenMax.min.js:14 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined'. I am a little unsure of myself with Javascript to be able to troubleshoot this. Does anyone have any suggestions for why this animation works on one page and not on another? For the benefit of Wordpress users I have deactivated all my plugins to check for compatibility issues but no improvement. Any genius's out there with some ideas? If anyone would like to see the code in codepen I will set it up but not sure if that is necessary. The code seems to be good. It's something else...