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  1. Thank you Carl. That is exactly what I was trying to achieve. I will tweak your example a little bit and I should be good to go. Thank you. Alin
  2. Hello, I am struggling with the following animaton and I would like to know if it is possible to do something like this with GSAP: I would like to animate a div so it comes in from top to bottom (this is easy), once the div is in its final position I would like to fade it from top to bottom. Currently, by using alpha, the div fades as a whole. I would like to have it fade from top to bottom. Is this possible? Here is the pen: http://codepen.io/alinticlea/pen/iuAoE Thank you. Alin
  3. The animation that I am talking about is performed when people scroll the page (using ScrollScene class from ScrollMagic). I think my issue is related to ScrollScene, not to TweenMax. Thank you. Alin
  4. Hello, Is it possible to call a function exactly when TweenMax animation starts playing in reverse? I would like something similar with onReverseComplete but called when the Tween starts playing in reverese. Thank you. Alin
  5. Hello, I can not figure out what would be the best way to accomplish this: I would liek to simulate a continous text scroll on mobile device. I made a PNG that has some horizontal lines which look like text paragraphs. I would like to move this PNG from bottom to top, simulating a scroll on mobile device. The animation runs in loop and I get an empty screen between iterations. I would like the same PNG to start moving into screen while the previous moves out so it looks like a continous scroll. What is the best way to animate this? Shold I use the same image twice on two separate tweens? Thank you. Alin
  6. Is it possible to fade the line towards the end of the animation, so the line does not look like it is ending so suddenly. Also, if I want to repeat the animation a few times, is it possible to always keep the previous line visible and the current line will look like it is overwriting it? Thank you. Alin
  7. Ok, I found the problem. As I suspected it was related to the ScrollScene. TweenMax is rock solid, it works perfect. Thank you. Alin
  8. Here is a pen: http://codepen.io/alinticlea/pen/qykJL The problem is that I can not replicate the behaviour on codepen. The issue is related to something else on the page that I am building. The animation container comes in and goes out on scroll down/up. To animate the container move on scroll I am using ScrollScene from ScrollMagic. I think I should stop the animation when scroll is detected. Is this possible? Thank you. Alin
  9. Hello, I have three animations running in the same time. The top part of a Law Balance Scale, the left weighting platform and the left weighting platform. All three animaitons have the same duration and they are in sync when the page loads. After I scroll up/down on the page the three animations are out of sync. The top is moving fine but the left/right weighting platforms are out of wack. Is there a way to keep the three animations in sync all the time? Thank you. Alin
  10. Yes. Thank you for your help. I figured out the transforOrigin and it does a great the job. Thank you. Alin
  11. Hello, I would like to animate an image that moves left/right/left/right around a center point, rotating 3-5 degrees. To be more specific, I would like to animate the top part of a Law Balance scale. (http://www.unc.edu/depts/europe/newsletter/images/101117balance-law.jpg) We purchased a Green membership of Club GreenSock thinking that we can use the TransformAroundPoint for this. It seems like TransformAroundPoint it is not available for JS. Am I right? Is there any other way to create the above animation? Thank you. Alin
  12. Thank you very much for all your answers. I really appreciate the support that I received through this forum. It is impressive. The examples are very nice and they surely put me on the right track. I spent countless hours digging in the wrong direction. Thank you. Alin
  13. Hello, I would like to create an animation that simulates an EKG display. Something similat to this: http://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-2638832-stock-footage-ecg-heartbeat-monitor.html?src=rel/2757719:4 I basically want a white dot that moves from left to right in straight line and from time to time it would go up/down a few times and continue in straight line. When the point is close to the right hand side the line will start to fade from left to right. After that the animation will start again from left. I am fairly new to GSAP and I would like to ask if something like this is easy to achieve using GSAP in JS? What GSAP elements should I use? I would appreciate any help or examples that would guide me into the right direction. Thank you. Alin