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  1. thanks, and sorry for the late reply, I will try all of your suggestions today and update the post
  2. ok that works, I forgot all about the activate function, thanks bro
  3. I just downloaded a package from the ""Really Green" membership page, I have all the plugins included PhysicsPropPlugin, however, I'm getting this error message in the title, any ideas import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.plugins.*; event tried this TweenLite.to(s, 3, {physicsProps:{x:{velocity:50}, y:{velocity:-260, acceleration:300}}});
  4. Thanks, I tried this LoaderMax.defaultAuditSize = false; and grandLoader = new LoaderMax( { onComplete:loadComplete, onProgress:onProgress, auditSize:false } ); but I'm still having a delay load, grandLoader is the only LoaderMax instance in the game, any ideas
  5. I have a loaderMax instance that loads ,xml, images, and swfs, my problem is that the "onProgress" function doesn't get called till 5-7 seconds after the load() method gets called, any ideas grandLoader = new LoaderMax( { onComplete:loadComplete, onProgress:onProgress } ); grandLoader.append( new XMLLoader( $list.@url.toString() , { name:$list.@name }) ); grandLoader.append(new ImageLoader( $list.@url.toString() , { name:$list.@name } ) ); grandLoader.append(new SWFLoader( swf.@url.toString() , { name:swf.@name } ) ); grandLoader.load() function onProgress(){ //doesn't get called till about 5 seconds after grandLoader.load() gets called }
  6. Thanks for looking into that and finding the cause of the problem.
  7. Ok I emailed you the .fla file, thanks again
  8. Hi, I'm not actually using a mask. I just tweening 6 different menus. I am using flash player 10, and modifying the z and rotationY properties before using the motionBlur tween, could this have anything to do with it
  9. import com.greensock.plugins.MotionBlurPlugin; import com.greensock.plugins.TweenPlugin; import com.greensock.TweenMax; TweenPlugin.activate([MotionBlurPlugin]); TweenMax.to(activeMenu, 3, {y:"-500",motionBlur:true} ); this doesn't work for me, the Sprite just turns invisible for 3 seconds, and then comes back once the tween is finished, I just checked for the MotionBlurPlugin class and I have it, any ideas, thanks
  10. is it possible to tween array values, for example i have an object that has three variable names, all are arrays with either 1 or two elements radius = [100] twirlAngle = [140] center = [100,300] TweenLite.to(myObject,.5,{ radius:[400], twirlAngle:[0], center:[600,500] }); the radius and twirlAngle update fine, but center just gets set to NaN, any ideas?
  11. Ok, so I almost have this wrapped up, but I still have an issue, I have an object that has four properties dimension radius center[0] center[1] obviously center is an array that has two values im trying to access each value individually like so ShaderUtils.tweenTo([mc],"Twirl",2.4,{ center[0]:100, center[1]:300, dimension:[233], radius:[3] }); of course center[1] and center[0] do not work, i get 'expecting colon before left bracket' syntax error; ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// i tried this as well var vars:Object = { }; vars.overwrite = 0; vars.ease = $easeType; vars[center] = []; vars[center][0] = 100; vars[center][1] = 300; vars[dimension] = 233; vars[radius] = 3; vars.onUpdate = function() { var filter:ShaderFilter = new ShaderFilter(currentShader.shader); $target.filters = [filter]; } TweenLite.to(currentShader, $time, vars); any ideas
  12. Thanks again, this works well, nice touch with the onUpdate function, when I get more time to work on this, I'll see what I can do about creating a plug-in, it sounds fun
  13. I create my own Static Tween Utiltiy class that uses TweenLite as its core. In this class I'm going to be applying the new ShaderFilter to a DisplayObject you can call the class like this: ShaderUtils.tweenTo([mc1,mc2,mc3], "pixelate", .1, { dimension:[0, 100], radius:[0,39] } ); -the first parameter will be an array of display objects that will have the ShaderFilter applied to -the second is the type of filter that will be applied -the third is the time it takes to complete the tween -the fourth will be an object that has the parameters that get applied to the ShaderProxy class which contains a Shader instance I created inside the tweenTo method I have a loop that goes through the custom paramter object and applies each property individually to the ShaderProxy class I use TweenLite to tween these properties, I find that if I hardcode the property names, it works find like so //this works but I don't want this for (var param in $params) { param will trace out to "dimension" and "radius" respectively params[param][1] will trace out to 100 and 39 respectively TweenLite.to(currentShader, $time, { dimension:$params[param][1], onUpdate:function() { var filter:ShaderFilter = new ShaderFilter(currentShader.shader); $target.filters = [filter]; }}); } //i want this, but it doesn't work for (var param in $params) { param will trace out to "dimension" and "radius" respectively params[param][1] will trace out to 100 and 39 respectively TweenLite.to(currentShader, $time, { param:$params[param][1], onUpdate:function() { var filter:ShaderFilter = new ShaderFilter(currentShader.shader); $target.filters = [filter]; }}); } I figure you're the man and would easily fix this problem, thanks! Come to think of it, maybe you can find a way to integrate the new ShaderFilter class with TweenMax or TweenLite, this would make you God of course.
  14. ohh very nice man, i look forward to the email