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  1. Thought I'd sign up to share my experience. We've been using TweenMax, TweenLite and the Greensock family of utils for years. Recently I'd been having issues with the dataloader and decided to check in and see what's new or if anyone had similar errors. I found that I was many versions behind, and I downloaded the latest version from github. It solved my loader issues, and seemed to very little side effects across our projects. I usually test our AIR apps on Android since it compiles quicker, but then when I finally exported to iOS, I ran into the same issues others are reporting (only in my case, the tween failing looked like the app had frozen, so it took a while for me to track it down). I was using TweenMax, and switching to TweenLite did the trick. Now tweens are running again on iOS. I didn't go through and comment out includes in TweenMax as the above fixed all.