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  1. Hello, I need to affect other object's properties if it is possible. Example: TweenMax.to(BOX, 1, { scaleX:2, CIRCLE.scaleX:2; ease:Elastic.easeOut } ); Thanks!
  2. P.S. Thanks for great libraries! I think I'll join the Club GreenSock. You got more good staff there.
  3. Got it. Seems like I was trying to make free version of DynamicPropsPlugin. Thank you @Carl
  4. onComplete not firing when using updateTo on onUpdate. if I remove updateTo line onComplete is triggered as it should. private function fingerLoop():void { TweenMax.to(finger, 1, { x:gotoPlanet.x, y:gotoPlanet.y, onComplete:fingerLoop, onUpdate:moveFinger, onUpdateParams:["{self}", gotoPlanet] }); } private function moveFinger(tween, gotoPlanet):void { tween.updateTo({x:gotoPlanet.x, y:gotoPlanet.y}, false); }
  5. Thanks for your support! I did it by using dummy variable for .y position and changed real .y on tween update. As I see, that's what you said in last sentence. I just saw the post. Thanks! Code: import com.greensock.*; var zeroPoint = 0; objOnBoard.tY = objOnBoard.y; TweenMax.to(this, 2, {onRepeat:moveObjOnBoard, repeat:-1}); function moveObjOnBoard():void{ TweenMax.to(objOnBoard, 1, {tY:objOnBoard.tY-50, onUpdate:objOnBoardTweenUpdate}); } function objOnBoardTweenUpdate():void{ objOnBoard.y = zeroPoint + objOnBoard.tY; } TweenLite.to(movingBoard, 10, {y:200, onUpdate:boardTweenUpdate}); function boardTweenUpdate():void{ zeroPoint = movingBoard.y; objOnBoard.y = movingBoard.y + objOnBoard.tY }
  6. Hello, I have many object moving on board using TweenMax an I need to add one more tween to all the objects including board they are on, so that all objects move like they are nested in one MovieClip and whole MovieClip is scrolled. I don't want to overwrite, I want to mix two tweens on same objects. Is this possible?