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  1. I got this to work. for some reason it wasn't rendering the animation on resize but when i changed the staggerFrom's to staggerFromTo's it worked fine. I also threw a nice little debounce function in there as well and all seems good to go! thanks.
  2. Thanks for the reply! i hope this helps to illustrate what i'm trying to achieve: http://codepen.io/proofinteractive/pen/XKmKvw?editors=0010 Pretty much on resize i want to update the height of the 'actionMenu'. Please let me know if this helps. Thanks, Sam
  3. Hi, is there a way to change the value of the timeline after the page has loaded? For example, i have a responsive website we're working on and i need to split two panels together on the page 50/50. when i reach a certain breakpoint the spilt percentage of each needs to change to something like 60/40. Is there a way to update the values after the page has loaded? Thanks, Sam
  4. thank you for the response. i'll try deactivating the picker script and see what comes of it.
  5. Hello, I'm having a problem with a TweenMax in ie8. i'm not sure if it's a "color" tween error or not though. The error message is: Invalid property value. TweenMax.min.js Line: 16 Char: 838 The website is: http://www.paragoncasinoresort.com/ I'm kind of stumped here as to what that could be. It's working on all other browsers including IE9+. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sam
  6. Hello, We've been developing a new website using greensock and are having some problems with the performance of the animations once Tweenlite is initiated. Here's the page that it's most noticeable on: http://paragoncasinoresort.dnsalias.com/hotel if you click on one of the rooms the info panel comes up. Then close that info panel. After that, begin rolling over the other rooms with your mouse and the animations start to get cut short and eventually die. I think it's because of some running process going on or the way were writing it is in correct. Any help is appreciated! Thank you, Sam