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  1. Thanks Jack for the prompt and detailed response. I will follow your advice and implement the feature.
  2. Hi guys, I can't seem to find Draggable & ThrowProps plugin for AS3? http://www.greensock.com/draggable/ Is that because there's another alternative method somewhere in the AS3 library that gets that wheel spin effect? Thanks
  3. This is by far the best support!! helps a ton Thanks so much Jack!
  4. Excellent thanks guys! Only if it's quick anyway i could, keep set a minDuration for the spin before it starts stopping? reducing the resistance didn't extend the duration much. I need to keep it spinning for about 8s seconds before it starts to stop. thanks
  5. Thanks Carl for the blasting fast response!! Here I have created a CodePen demo http://codepen.io/anon/pen/olHeq Drag to spin the green box, works great. Click Spin, and it works except I need a way to implement similar snapping. thanks Carl
  6. Hi guys, first time here and thanks for the amazing work and library been using for years! I am using Draggable with ThrowProps to create a wheel, like the wheel of fortune. It works great using touch and drag etc... Is there a way to spin via code somehow? I looked at simple Tween for the rotation, but I couldn't get anywhere close to this plugin, to have resistance, snapping etc... Again Touch and drag works perfect to start the spin. I just need a way to spin by clicking a button for example. thanks guys