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  1. lokis

    Killing problem.

    Thanks for your answer Rodrigo. I will use the codepen in the future, sorry for confusion Probably I missed the point with my animation, 'cos I mixed timeline with not-timeline animation. Now everything is ok, as always with GSAP! You guys are the best
  2. lokis

    Killing problem.

    Hi, I have big problem with killing The problem: 1. I have 5 functions fired one by one with "onComplete". 2. I need to kill any tweens from this functions in any time, and it works properly when I kill any of these functions for the first time. 3. It doesn't work properly when I fired these functions and try too kill one again. 4. It does look like "the killing machine" remember position of myElement when the first "kill" was fired and move in a blink myElement to this position, then of course kill the tween. Should I clear something or maybe something else? Best Regards