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  1. As a former craftsman and someone who learned HTML from scratch with windows plaintext editor almost 20 years ago i absolutely prefer hand coding. I've been testing many tools since these days and really none could satisfy my personal needs/preferences in "what clean efficient code should look like". Furthermore i had so much pain debugging tool generated code cause it already took me hours to even understand the code before i was able to fix a bug (I bet we all agree: many tools have a questionable approach ) - so i really got tired fixing a whole lot of auto generated crap before dealing with the actual task. I'm not saying no tool CAN generate efficient and clean code - it's just that i feel hand coding is the only real way to - exactly get the result you want - get it the way you want - deeply understand the "what" and "why" of every code line This way i am sure i always have 100% control of whats happening. The only tool i use is Dreamweaver, cause its in my CC package anyways and i like the code highlighting and the site/file management - ummmm, so it's more like shy assistant to me. But well, thats just me, i guess it's a thing of personal coding history and preferences. Hope you get enough inspiration from all the posts to find your personal best way Cheers!
  2. Hi everyone Just in case it has not been mentioned yet whenever you use svg in your htmls, make sure to explicitly close the all elements: i just had an issue with a set of banners to be uploaded to adwords and would like to share the essence: for AdWords always use <path..></path> instead of <path .../> while all browsers seem fine with the shorthand closing, adwords actually is not. it took the adwords technical support 3 days to realize: Hope it helps to save you time and frustration Cheers Gatekeeper74
  3. Lately I found a prototype of a fireplace ad in Googles Rich Media Gallery which includes the tools you need to get the single ads in sync: https://www.richmediagallery.com/detailPage?id=8135 it took me a while to get it - but basically you need to 'connect' the ads and broadcast messages between them to control the animation start. check out my (rough) try based on the above prototype - and please don't be afraid of the (design and code) eyesore you will find: it's been just a test!!! http://dev.vadvance.com/project/demo/fireplaceAd/test/test_index.html a few things i noticed: since communication between the ads takes a little while it's not enough to broadcast a simple "go". The trick is to refer to an independent timer, in this case i decided to refer to the users system date/time. I ended up calculating an overall delay for message transfer and processing, added a few ms as a buffer and calculated a start date/time to broadcast. This way i got an 99.9% sync when starting the ads. You might need to modify the delay caluclations according to your environment. starting the ads synced is only half of the trick. Depending on a bunch of factors (total duration, loop or non-loop, other ads on the page handbreaking the anims,...) you might have to check if the ads are still in snyc every now and then (and maybe bring them back in sync). As my customer cancelled the project all of a sudden i didn't have a chance to investigate any deeper yet. Hope it helps Cheers Gatekeeper74