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  1. This is for personal use. Sorry, I removed the links.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to port TransformManager to TypeScript. Here's what is at the moment: [remove] Approximately 85% of the code is identical to the original. There was a problem that I can not solve. If you change the width of the object, and then rotate it, then the object will make a skew. Probably, the problem is in the scaleRotated() method of the TransformItem.ts class, but I cannot determine the reason. Is there any solution? The project on TypeScript has attached with source classes. [remove]
  3. Sorry, I forgot to specify that I tested it on a special weak computer. System: Processor: Intel Core 1.86 GHz RAM: 3.25 GB On my work computer, there is no problem. But the problem is that the customers are very demanding on the performance, as their resources sometimes simultaneously, on a single page, located at 5-10 advertisers.
  4. If the shape a smaller, then everything is fine! But how then to be, if you need a specific size shape?
  5. desktop windows 8 chrome 50 I guess it kind of depends precisely on GSAP. Because if you comment out the tweens, then there is no memory leak. With tweens in my Task Manager, the memory is loaded under 90% (!) http://codepen.io/DivisionBoy/pen/bpQomR
  6. When I use a tween, there is a constant memory leak, until the application is stopped. Performance also falls. This is due to the "cache". shape.cache(-0.1, -0.1, width, height); Here is my simple code, maybe I have something wrong? window.onload = function() { var canvas = document.getElementById("canvas"), stage = new createjs.Stage(canvas); function createShape(radius, width, height, color){ var shape = new createjs.Shape(), g = shape.graphics; stage.addChild(shape); g.beginFill(color); radius > 0 ? g.drawCircle(0, 0, radius) : g.drawRect(0,0, width, height); g.endFill(); shape.setTransform((width/2),height/2,1,1,0,0,0,width/2,height/2); shape.cache(-0.1, -0.1, width, height); return shape; } var Layer_1 = createShape(0,556,409,"#b8aa51"); Layer_1.x = 275; Layer_1.y = 198.5; var main = new TimelineMax( { onComplete: again } ); main.set(Layer_1, {x:275, y:198.5, scaleX:1, scaleY:1, rotation:0, alpha:1, easel:{tint:"#000000", tintAmount:1} } ); var Layer_1_tl = new TimelineMax(); main.add(Layer_1_tl, 0); Layer_1_tl.to(Layer_1,0.9, { easel:{tint:"#e13a3a", tintAmount:1}, ease:Linear.easeNone } ); Layer_1_tl.to(Layer_1,1.1, { easel:{tint:"#75b851", tintAmount:1}, ease:Linear.easeNone } ); Layer_1_tl.to(Layer_1,1.1, { easel:{tint:"#b8aa51", tintAmount:1}, ease:Linear.easeNone } ); TweenLite.ticker.addEventListener("tick", stage.update, stage); stage.update(); function again() {main.restart()} }
  7. Hello, Dipscom! When I add all tweens into one timeline, animation does not play, and I do not understand what's wrong? http://codepen.io/DivisionBoy/pen/pjJJey
  8. hi, I can not figure out how to restart the banner? I tried to do mainTimeline.add(otherTimeline)...etc but the animation does not play. It is possible to add some global function to restart all the Tweens? http://codepen.io/DivisionBoy/pen/xwKWmE
  9. Dipscom, thank you very much for the solution of the problem and fix my code, you are very helpful! Carl, exportRoot great thing, definitely come in handy in the future, thank you!
  10. Hi! I began to understand a little GSAP. But i can not understand how can gradually stop repeat animation? I've seen this http://greensock.com/forums/topic/12302-stop-looping-banner-after-a-set-amount-of-seconds/ but I need to stop the animation smoothly, as possible? For example, I need to gradually stop the movement of the car after three seconds. function stopCar() { /*some script to stop a car*/ } setTimeout(stopCar, 3000) http://codepen.io/DivisionBoy/pen/xwKWmE
  11. I'm working with JS. MovieClip I mentioned for example. I expect that TimelineLite, this kind of "MovieClip". Interested in response ohem, it's really the right approach to use for this div containers? If possible, it can be any simple example with div containers?
  12. Hi! Tell me, is it possible to make animation in groups(MovieClip), as is done in the editor Flash Pro? It should be something like a "MovieClip", which is located inside the other "MovieClip". As I understand it, in GSAP, TimelineLite must be in the TimelineLite, it will be the same as the "MovieClip" in the "MovieClip"? I made a video example of what we would like to achieve. How would it look in GSAP?
  13. Thanks for the quick answers! I did not know about TimelineMax, I will understand