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  1. On Monday I had time to dig into your suggestions. Thanks so much. In the next few days I will bend it into something that I can automate to spit out many ad sizes in just a few minutes. Quick question, is there any difference between: TweenLite.set(element, { rotationY: index * angle } and using css: {} TweenLite.set(element, {css:{ rotationY: index * angle} }
  2. thanks so much. I'm looking forward to digging into this stuff again on Monday. I've been using what I have in my codepen for 4 sided cubes for a couple years and it's been fine. But once it changes to 5 sides and up, my way stops working.
  3. I use GSAP to automate writing CSS. My job is making web ads so when I invent a new type of ad, it needs to look good and I have to be able to crank out many of them in a short amount of time. I'm working on one now that uses the following css to create a 3D tube with X faces .tube> :nth-child(1) { transform: rotateY(0deg) translateZ(5.6em);} .tube> :nth-child(2) { transform: rotateY(72deg) translateZ(5.6em);} .tube> :nth-child(3) { transform: rotateY(144deg) translateZ(5.6em);} .tube> :nth-child(4) { transform: rotateY(216deg) translateZ(5.6em);} .tube> :nth-child(5) { transform: rotateY(288deg) translateZ(5.6em);} This works great when the code is in the CSS file. But when I try to set the same values using TweenLite in JS, it will not work for all of the sides. For my 5 sided example, 2 of the sides are smaller than the other ones TweenLite.set("#face0", { transform: "rotateY(0deg) translateZ(5.6em)"}) TweenLite.set("#face1", { transform: "rotateY(72deg) translateZ(5.6em)"}) TweenLite.set("#face2", { transform: "rotateY(144deg) translateZ(5.6em)"}) TweenLite.set("#face3", { transform: "rotateY(216deg) translateZ(5.6em)"}) TweenLite.set("#face4", { transform: "rotateY(288deg) translateZ(5.6em)"}) Is there any reason why TweenLite does not work for all of the sides?
  4. thanks for testing on Windows. I'm assuming you rotated the cube a few times? Because it always animates on the first face but not the even numbered faces.
  5. good point, thanks. It happens in Safari for Mac 9.1.2, Chrome for Mac 51.0.2704.103. But not Firefox, which I checked for the first time today.
  6. Here's a ridiculous problem I noticed last week. I've used this rotating cube hundreds of times but last week for the first time I replaced the sides with animated GIFs instead of static JPG or PNG files. I found that no matter what animated GIF I used for the sides, it would stop animating when the cube was rotated 90 or 270 degrees. I got around this problem by rotating it 90.5 and 270.5 degrees. It continued animating when I did that. Have you ever seen such a thing? I'm baffled. Here are two examples: rotating 90 degrees with each arrow click http://www.choicestream.com/staging/2016/08/test/90/index-300x600.html rotating 90.5 degrees with each arrow click http://www.choicestream.com/staging/2016/08/test/905/index-300x600.html TweenLite.to(cube, .7, {rotationY:"-=90.5_ccw", ease:Back.easeOut});
  7. I just tested this with the Flash Loader class and Flash version and found the same problem. It crashed after 3 publishes.
  8. I think you are right that the problem is with Flash, not LoaderMax. I just redid the test using the Flash loader and got the exact same results. My Flash version is It seems there's no way to change the version of the Flash player that Flash uses which is too bad. I'd love to test a different player. I've been working exclusively with Flash for 9 years now and this has only happened once before. I had a single file that I inherited from someone else and it crashed quite often when publishing. But as soon as I moved on to my next project and a new set of files, the problem went away. Thanks for your information and work.
  9. I just did another test. I rebooted, published 26 times and on the last publish, Flash crashed. I started Flash again without a reboot and it crashed on the 2nd publish. A good way to 'prime' the crash is to put a loadThumbs() in the onComplete handler so that it runs unattended. After 20 or so loads, stop it, remove load thumbs() in the complete handler and publish a few times for a crash.
  10. are you publishing or previewing? I had a problem with previewing (command - enter). I could publish without problem.
  11. I keep a close eye on my trace output so I'm sure it's not loading multiple times. In error I did write infinite loops and that crashed the IDE pretty quickly too. What I found most interesting is the loader only crashed Flash when loading files from the web. When I switched to loading local files, it was fine. I previewed 50 times without a crash with local files.
  12. Thanks for taking a look. The only thing that crashes is the Flash IDE. I've tested it on my work computer (2011 Macbook Pro with 8 GB memory) and my home machine (2012 MBP, 16 GB memory)
  13. I've been testing this for days now and I've reached my conclusions. I can consistently crash the API while previewing under the following circumstances: multiple JPG images are loaded. I'm using 5 to test: 1. A LoaderMax instance and appending to the queue using a for loop. 2. A LoaderMax instance and appending to the queue using parse() and an array of URLs that point to JPG images. 3. A singular ImageLoader instance in a for loop. If I preview this file in the Flash CC for Mac API, after 5 or 10 previews, the API will crash. If I switch to local image files, there is no crash on preview. If I reboot it will take more previews but after it crashes once, the next crash happens in less than 10 previews. Here is the code I've been using: LoaderMax.activate([ImageLoader]); var queue:LoaderMax = LoaderMax.parse(stringArray, {autoDispose: true, onComplete:completeHandler, onChildComplete:childCompleteHandler}); queue.load(); And the handlers: private function childCompleteHandler(event: LoaderEvent): void { trace("child done") } private function completeHandler(event: LoaderEvent): void { } Is there a memory leak in LoaderMax when loading non-local images in the api? I haven't noticed problems in the compiled SWF, just in the api when previewing.